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Making your site

Make A Website Hub: This was submitted to me by Natasha Went. It was created by Jamie Spencer. If you're new at blogging/ making a site and don't really know where to began check out this site. Gives you some guidance towards making your blog/website.

Lucid Press: This was also another submission request. Submitted by Amanda! Lucidpress is a content creation program that allows you to make infographics, posters, newsletters, flyers and other digital collaterals. It's all completely FREE

Website Setup; Submitted to me by Robert Mening, this is another site you can use to get help on setting up your website. They give you a step by step process of how to create your site and/or blog. They are mainly focused on wordpress so definitely check them out if you're going to be using that!

Domain Names & Hosting

GoDaddy: I recommend using Go-daddy when you start considering buying your own domain name. They are one of my favorites for sure. I have always heard good things about them and they are highly recommended. They are inexpensive to use and on top of that they always have promotions going on so you can always save money. For a whole list of promotions for there site click here! You wont be disappointed using them for sure. Find out more info on godaddy here.

Blue Host: Yet another inexpensive hosting website for you blog/site. There prices are literally as low as $2.95 a month up-to $6.95 a month which isn't a bad price at all. They offer multiple different items for depending on which package you purchase. To see there plans and prices click here! It doesn't what site you use, whether its blogger like I use or word press, weebly, etc they can be your guide.

Blogger: Use your own hosting website whether that's Blogger, WordPress, etc to get your own domain name. That's exactly what I did! It's way easier and less expensive.

Hosting.Review:  Submitted by Renat Galimov co-founder of hosting review. This a a passion project born with one main purpose- give people clear vision on what are the real colors of today's web hosting companies, behind their marketing curtains. All of their team have been working on various hosting brands at some point in their lives. So they know all the tricks and secrets of web hosting. Make sure to read what is hidden behind Godaddy's fancy marketing.

How to choose a good domain: Submitted by Alexander Villanueva. Site beginner has put together a great guide to help you choose an effective, catchy & rememberable domain name for your niche/blog!

Blog Templates

Etsy: Oh my gosh they are the best! Etsy has a TON of different templates for blogger and other sites too but I would definitely recommend if you're using blogger. I have used a couple different ones and there were some I loved and some that I liked. Honestly though there wasn't any that I hated so I definitely recommend etsy. Now, there is a cost to these templates if you are going to get any. You can find one's that are very cheap or if you choose to get a more expensive one then you can do that as well. I always say you don't have to spend a lot of money to look nice.

Gooyaabitemplates: This is another site that I have used for a while now that I got templates from. Its 100% free to use and get wonderful templates from. You do have the option of course to pay for one if you want, but seriously save your money. If you really do want to purchase one though go with the link above and use etsy. Other than that this is a perfect site to use, especially if you are new at blogging.

Make Money Blogging

This is where we all want to end up as bloggers

Google Adsense: I highly recommend using if you are someone like myself who uses blogger as your blog site. Most bloggers use this as a form on income.You can earn money though advertisements presented on your blog. It is really easy to use and the money isn't bad either. All you have to do is go to blogger and find the earnings tab and click sign up for adsense.

Sponsored Posts: This is a really good way to earn money from your blog. Sponsored post's are what a lot of bloggers do to receive funds. A sponsored post is when a company, businesss/service reaches out to you and asks you to talk about their product in your posts. They pay you to promote their product or whatever you're talking about. You'll know when a post is sponsored because bloggers are required to put somewhere in the post, either at beginning or end that's it's sponsored or that they earn commission.

There are plenty more items for me to share with you, I will add them as I go along!

Ideas for blog posts

Sometimes it can be hard to think of fresh new content every time so here are some sites to help with that.

StartBloggingOnline: Here they have a compiled list of ideas you could do for your blog. There are 101 of them so I'm sure you will find something to post about. This has come in handy for sure.

BuildYourOwnBlog: Here it's super easy to get post ideas because they basically give them to you. This site uses a random generator that gives you a post idea! Click generate blog post idea and bam you have one. If you don't like the ones they give, you can keep clicking until you find one.

DigitalMarketer: I love to use this one when I can't find something that I want to post about. This link takes you to a complete diagram of blog post ideas that you could do. These are all great ideas as well especially because they are meant to help you gain traffic to your blog.

Downloadable Content

Some Cute Wallpaper: Download some really cute wallpaper sent to me c/o of Plainly!

Birthday Calendar & Thank You Cards: Download some adorable thank you cards & a birthday calendar!


Sunscreens: So we have a submission from Kayla Allen from reviews.com! Since summer is around the corner Kayla and her team thought it would be a great resource for you all to know about finding the best sunscreens. With all the different choices out there come a lot of misconceptions. Knowing which formulas best protect us while having fun in the sun and can help slow down early aging. The team narrowed it down to 4 out of 135 sunscreens with the help of dermatologists and skins are experts. To check out all the info and there research go to reviews.com/sunscreen !


CreditCards: Research, stories, tools, and video are used by leading news outlets such as the Associated Press, Yahoo, MSNBC, NASDAQ.com, Forbes.com, TheStreet.com and Google news. To view a guide of all the pros and cons of all business credit card options and get advice from experts in the field check this guide out!

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