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On this page I wanted to share things I plan on doing and completing. We all have our own working list of things that we plan on accomplishing in our lives and this one is mine. (In due process..)


*Graduate college with my degree in Journalism
*Obtain a career in my field in Journalism
*Become a full-time blogger
*Gain confidence in myself(Accomplished on 11/8/16)
*Learn how to swim (yes I can't swim lol)
*No sodas (Accomplished on 7/4/16)
*Get into first apartment
*Get my first car

My Blog

*Gain income from my blog
*Reach 100 readers in a month (Accomplished on 1/12/17)
*Reach 1000 readers a month (Accomplished in October)
*Reach 2000 readers a month(Accomplished in December)
*Reach 100 page views in a day (Accomplished on 11/1/16)
*Reach 4000 readers in a month (Accomplished in March 2017)
*Buy my domain name (Accomplished on 10/7/16)

*Collaborate with another blogger (Accomplished on 8/8/16)

*Do at least 25 collaborations minimum (9/25) check out my collaborations here
*Get a custom favicon (Accomplished on 10/31/16)
*Attend a blogging conference
*Attend a blog webinar (Accomplished on 02/16/17)
*Gain income from advertisements
*Gain 100,000 readers a month
*Hire a professional photographer(Accomplished on 04/07/17)
*Gain 200,000 readers a month
*Reach 50 blog posts (Accomplished on 10/8/16)

*Reach 100 blog posts (100/100) (Accomplished on 02/03/17) See it here
*Reach 1000 blog posts
*Reach 5000 readers a month (Accomplished in May)


*Work in Journalism
*Be a full time blogger
*Work in management for a retailer
*Work as a journalist
*Get an article published in a newspaper


*Become a vegetarian for a week

*Drink strictly water/vitamin water or Gatorade

*Run a marathon
*Attend a yoga class


*Travel to another country
*Travel to Paris, France
*Travel to Italy 
*Visit New York City
*Travel to all 50 states (4/50)
*Travel/Visit every city in the state of Texas (20/68)


  1. Found your blog through a youtube post. I am not into fashion, BUT I love this post. More bloggers should have a post like this; it is better than an About Me section! Good stuff!

  2. Love your blog so far. This is my first time visiting and you really inspired me to start my own!

    1. Thanks so much! That's awesome I'm glad I could inspire you. Cant wait to see what you come up with!


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