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10 Things you probably don't know about me!

To start things off for my new lifestyle page I wanted to let you all in on some more stuff about me personally so you have a better feel for your blog buddy "That Trendy Fellow". Lets get started shall we!

 ♥As you all may have read on my about, I am originally from the state of Louisiana, but I currently reside in Texas and I am a Journalism student in college. I didn't know I wanted to go into the field of Journalism until my senior year of high school. Ever since grade school I had always wanted to pursue a degree in fashion merchandising. Fashion has always been my favorite thing and it still is. The big switch to journalism came about when I really started thinking about it, I thought.. "Hmm I really love to write + I've always done great in my English/writing classes in school so how about I pursue Journalism." When I really thought about it I really got into it because the possibility of me working in fashion didn't just go out the window, I could still go into that field if I wanted to even with a degree in Journalism.
♥I am a student... but I'm not just any student, I'm a student with a disability. Things have always been a little more difficult for me than other students, people, etc. I always wondered why I was the one who always struggled in class when everyone else got it the first time. As a child I was always so energetic and "bouncing off the walls" (not literally). I just had a lot of energy! My mother always knew something was up with me and that everything wasn't quite "correct". Well to make a long story short I was eventually diagnosed with A.D.H.D. For those of you that don't know what that is it's basically a mental disorder that causes someone to be hyperactive and unable to control there impulses, or may have trouble paying attention. You can read more about it here!

♥GREEN is my absolute favorite color! (It used to be yellow), which I still do like yellow just not as much as I love green lol. 

♥Yes I am only 19 years old! Such a young fellow I know lol. Hey my birthday is coming on October 19th, 2016! So I wont be nineteen for long. (By the way: This is being posted on (10/4/16) I am actually honored to say that I am this young running my own blog. That may not sound like such a hard task... but how about you try it. I love what I do and I will only continue to grow better as a person and as a blogger as I get older.

♥I am insanely disgusted and terrified of roaches! YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. I always have and I more than likely always will. I mean seriously who is a fan!? Now if you happen to be reading this and you are one of the very few who does like them, more power to you because I don't know how you can do it.

♥I have a voice like John Legend! At least that's what I've been told lol. Nah but seriously I can sing. I have been singing for almost eleven years now. It started when I was in elementary school and I took my first music class. I suddenly felt great because I was actually singing what we were suppose to be singing while other students may not have... The rest is history honestly. I have been in music ever since then. I did it throughout elementary, junior high, high school, and now while I'm in college. Some people play sports, some of us sing. I'm blessed to have this talent because I wouldn't be in college without it since I got a music scholarship, that got me into school in the first place. So THANK YOU JESUS FOR MY GIFT!

♥While we're on the topic of music my next thing to spill to you all is that... I love Demi Lovato. Oh my gosh so my obsession begin (Ew look at me I sound crazy lol.) No but seriously I have been a fan ever since her days on Disney channel when she starred in sonny with a chance. Yes its been that long. She is just such an inspiration to a lot of young people and I really admire her work ethic.

♥I don't care what people think of me! Let me explain... Yes of course I care about people's opinion of me. It's the people who actually matter that count though. I am sure I am not the only person who feels this way. I have't always been the one with friends, and I have been bullied and talked about, that destroyed me when I was younger. I was so busy trying to be friends with everyone that I lost myself. Now a days I couldn't care less if we are friends or not. I have friends in my life and the ones I do have are my best friends and I can always rely on them. I am not trying to sound rude or come off that way but there comes a point in your life when you have to stop worrying about other people's opinion of you and be happy for yourself. Trust me you'll thank me at the end of the day.

♥I want to work in fashion journalism and be a fashion publicist/blogger. Like I stated before I want to combine my love for fashion and journalism into one. Going into fashion PR I get the chance to do just that. Someday I will be working for a fantastic fashion company and being successful in my career. 

♥I want to spread positive energy all the time, no matter where I am because there is enough shade and hate going around. I want to always try to be the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope this blog is doing just that and inspiring others to do just the same.

It's My Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I am excited to say that I am officially twenty years old on this day, October 19,2016. It is truly a blessing to live to see another year and become better and wiser and you get older. Yes I know I'm a youngster by the way. Lol. It's funny because all my friends were surprised that I was only turning 20 years old. One of them shouted "Oh my gosh I thought you were like 23!" That seriously made my day. I take that as a compliment because it shows that I act older than I really am instead of the other way around. (Who wants that right?) When your birthday comes around it honestly shows whose really in your corner (not all the time) because someone cares if they tell you happy birthday. I don't know if it's just me thinking this way but I do. Birthdays are a special time in someone's life and people want to feel appreciated and loved on their special day. It was the day you were born and it should bring nothing but happiness and a smile to your face. I must say that I have and will be enjoying this day to the fullest! Thank you to all to everyone who reads "That Trendy Fellow" you guys are all apart of my family now. Well I guess I should go and enjoy my birthday right? Lol, well until next time...

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