So as you all may or may not know.. I'm a foodie! - meaning I love to EAT

I am constantly at a Starbucks, or some type of restaurant getting food, drinks, dessert, etc. You name it I want to try it lol

So I am creating this page "Yum" to display just that! Hopefully doing this will give you all some ideas on new things to try, and you can share your favorites with me as well!

Breakfast on a Saturday Morning- Pancakes, Bacon, and Grits 

Chicken and caesar salad from Mcalister's is the best ever! Paired with a cranberry sandwich. Yum!

I'm in Starbucks daily! Just needed a snack so water & fruit chews it is. 

Steak & Shake Bacon Burger w/ fries &  A Reeses Cup Milkshake which was BOMB!

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