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Are you someone who's currently stuck in a bit of a career rut? Maybe you're working a dead end job and have little time to enjoy your life afterwards? Maybe you're unsure about your position in your current company, and just wish there was something you do to turn your work life into something more fulfilling? Well, there might just be, if you've got all kinds of untapped ideas and the drive to make them come to life.

If you're someone looking for a little more inspiration over their career, then this post could just be the bolt you were searching for to hold your ambitions up. If you're a creative guy, with all kinds of ideas over what aesthetics suit us best, then let's examine some of the best careers out there that will cater to your skills and talents.

Try A Tattoo Business

Tattoos can be incredibly stylish, and you'll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't even have a small tattoo on their foot or their shoulders nowadays. Seeing as they're an ever present idea in the social mind, with people either loving or hating them, you could very easily base a fashionable career around them. Maybe you don't want to become a tattoo artist yourself (you don't trust yourself with needles!), but you can work to design and submit tattoo designs and arts.

And you can even invest in your own tattoo stencil printer, to make sure your designs are ready to send off and be used by anyone purchasing your product. Equipment like these don't have to be a huge investment either, considering the amount of repeated and varied use you'll get out of them.

Become a Costume Designer

Costume designers are always needed for tv programs, Theater productions, and film sets. And could be the next up and coming designer any writer or director would love to have on their side. If you're very fashionably minded, and when watching or reading media, you can pinpoint a character's personality simply through the clothes they wear, this could be the perfect job for you.

Not to mention, of you have some kind of background in history, you could easily find work on period productions. Being able to dress actors in time sensitive pieces from the 15th century, or even just from the 1980's, and be accurate about your assessments, will make you a sought after designer!

Try a Bit of Street Photography

A final point, but if you've always got a camera on you, and the confidence to ask strangers to stop for some pictures, you could very easily build a street photography portfolio business for yourself. You could even design a whole blog around it.

There's quite a few fashionable careers out there for any man looking to be more creative with his working life. Be sure to look into options like these if you love your aesthetic.

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