Quick Guide: Looking your best this holiday season


Looking your best for the upcoming holiday season is a concern many people have. They want to dress well and look well for all of the parties and events they have coming up, but the temptation to go for one too many beers and gorge on mince pies is strong. People usually end up having sleepless nights, stressed out skin, gain unhealthy weight and don't feel good for it. How can you make sure you look your best for the upcoming season?

Have A Professional Grooming Session

Tis the season after all, so why not treat yourself to a professional grooming session? If you have a beard, you could go for a professional shave along with a haircut, which could help you to look perfectly groomed and in order for all the events you have lined up. Alternatively, you could invest in a great razor and take a little time to do this yourself. Keeping your facial hair sharp and clean will always make you look more polished.

Take Care Of Your Skin

Stressed out skin can happen due to any number of things, from lacking of sleep to eating to much junk. Take care of your skin. Use a simple cleanser and moisturizer each day, and do your best to make healthy choices where possible. If you don't it'll show on your face.

Figure Out What You're Going To Wear In Advance

Find outfits for your upcoming events in advance. You could choose an Ugly christmas sweater for your christmas lunch, but wear a suave suit for a night out you have planned. By taking your time to find something that looks great & fits well in advance, you'll have peace of mind.

Keep The Christmas Bingeing Under Control

Food is always going to be there. While Christmas can be a great time for a little indulgence, it's still going to be better for your health if you make smart choices where you can. Sure, have a mince pie and some Christmas chocolate, but make sure you have your veggies too.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water, especially if you know you're going to be overindulging in alcohol this season. I'm not going to tell you not to drink alcohol- that would be unrealistic. If you've got parties lines up you're going to want to have a drink, and some people like to have a drink on Christmas day too. Just make sure you counter this with plenty of water. You might even find that if you drink a few liters of water each day, especially on the days you are drinking, you won't feel half as bad as you would usually! Along with drinking plenty of water comes feeling more alert, controlling overindulgence and looking more vibrant overall.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

When you can, try to get plenty of sleep. You'll have some late nights no doubt but try to make sleep a priority on the nights you don't have anything planned!

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