Advice on Buying Your Very First Suit


For many young people growing up, a suit was a bit of a bother. You didn’t want to wear it and get all dressed up and groomed to go to a wedding or for a birthday. It was something formal and even when you’re young you can sense the vibe you get from other people when you wear it. You’re looked at to a higher standard, which can sometimes make you feel self-conscious. However, as you get older this new attention you’re getting works in your favour and feels good. You’re taken more seriously because you look like you’re in control and confident. If you’re ready for your first suit, take this advice to heart.

The dress shirt

The most important thing for your dress shirt is to buy your exact size. For those that don’t know, a dress shirt is a formal shirt that you wear with a suit. It's supposed to be bold and smart, meaning most of the time it will be white and with stiff collars. Many stores in the UK offer slim fit shirts that you can buy off the rack. However, ask one of the assistants in a store to measure you or measure yourself at home. Measure your chest fully around your body, your arm length from your knuckles to your shoulder, and your waist fully around too. Check out the shirts on  John Henric UK, particularly the Cambridge style white dress shirt with a double cuff. This cuff is designed for you to wear with a cufflink, giving you another opportunity to look the part. A dress shirt can last you for years, so buy one that is 100% cotton and nothing lower than that.

The suit

After you have measured your leg as well, you now have all the measurements you need. Take them with you if you’re intent on shopping in a retail store or just have them with you if you’re shopping online. Once you have the measurements, it's all about style now. For your very first suit, it's wise to go with something that is universal. Don’t get cocky and buy a tweed suit, or something like a bright red suit. Stick to something that will work wherever you go. You have two choices, navy blue or dark grey. Grey is slightly less formal and works best in spring and summer. Navy blue is more formal and works pretty much all year round. Bear in mind, with navy you should only wear bold-colour ties and try to keep away from bright tones except for red. With a grey suit, you can wear just about any tie, because as mentioned it's less formal.

Your first ever suit is a great experience. You look sharp and like a man with confidence and direction in his life. Until you have tried on a suit that looks sharp and fits you like a glove, you have yet to find out how powerful it feels. Deciding on a specific style can wait, just focus on the fit, so it can compliment your body’s shape.

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