There's More Than Just The High Street Out There!


When it comes to clothes shopping, the majority of us rely heavily on high street retailers. We stick with the brands that we know and find comfort in the fact that high street stores are easily accessible and generally offer up at least one outfit you like the look of. But when you source your clothes in this way, you do run the risk of turning up somewhere wearing the exact same ensemble as someone else. It’s important to remember that there are other options out there that can provide you with a more unique look. Here are just a few to consider!

Vintage Stores

When it comes to curating a unique style, vintage stores are a ten out of ten place to start out. Vintage clothing is any clothing that is more than two decades old. Sure, the items that you find in vintage stores might not have always been one off pieces (as there may have been a run of them at some point or another), but they are likely to be the only ones still about and in good condition. One thing that you might want to be a little wary of when conducting a vintage shop, however, is to avoid crossing the line between vintage and simply old. Avoid picking up items that you might see an OAP wearing. Also remember to check items over fully before purchasing. Most vintage stores do not offer refunds, so you want to make sure the item fits and is free of flaws before paying.


Depop is a sales app that is a haven for people looking for one-off or unique pieces. Many individuals sell vintage clothes on there and there are also sellers who create their own items too! You may have to sift around and search, but eventually you will follow a list of sellers who regularly list items that fit your aesthetic perfectly!

Online Boutiques

Sure, you’re likely to have already done a little online shopping already at some point or another. Most major brands operate online as well as on the high street. But have you ever tried scouting out unique online-only boutiques? You are unlikely to find out about these anywhere other than searching the web. But there are brilliant options out there. Just check out These can provide you with a source of unique fashion that others are unlikely to have heard of before.


If you’re feeling creative, you could take a sewing course or dressmaking course and learn to create items of clothing yourself. This will allow you to kit yourself out with your own designs!

These are just a few different options that are available to you. Get experimental and try them out in order to really stand out from the crowd!

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