A Dapper Man's Guide on How to Wear Loafers


You've seen them on your friends. Your colleagues. Your relatives of all ages. They are one of the most ubiquitous types of shoes, but one that can be hard to (*ahem*) step into for the first time. We're talking about the loafer, fellas. Loafers are super comfortable, endlessly dapper and also a cinch to style, but -- like any initial foray into any fashion trend -- it can be intimidating at first. How do you rock a loafer without looking like Woody Harrelson's character from KingPin. The answer?
Easily. For one, ditch the combover. Next up, avoid polyester pantsuits. If you can commit these sartorial no-nos to heart, then learning these other loafer styling hacks will be a breeze. Read on!

First, let's take a moment to discuss what loafers are, exactly. They will have three main characteristics. Loafers are:
1. Slip on shoes
3. Have low/no heel
The materials can range, as can the detailing on each pair, and though both of these factors can make loafers more or less formal, these three characteristics never vary. 

How to Style Loafers
So, you're a dapper dude looking for advice on styling loafers. You’ve got the shoes, after shopping men’s shoes online at Senso or some other trendy virtual or B&M shoe store, but you don’t know how to wear them with total confidence. You've come to the right place. This is what you need to know.

Casual Style
You're heading out for the day. You're wearing a pair of dark was jeans, a Henley, and a you've got your favourite pair of aviator shades ready for action as soon as you step out the door. Lace up a pair of sneakers and you'll look good. Slip into a pair of suede or cloth penny loafers and you'll looking amazing. The jean and tee variation isn't your only casual option. Loafers also look amazing with chinos and corduroys. 


Night Out
Whether you're going on a date or kicking around town with your boys, loafers can definitely help you pull together the confident, cool vibe that's the cornerstone of looking dapper. Here, you'll want to venture into the land of suede and leather loafers. Penny loafers (i.e. loafers with a small, diamond half-pocket on the top) or Gucci loafers (i.e. loafers with a metal clasp across the front) or tassel loafers (i.e. loafers with a small tassel on the front), which all have subtle but dashing detailing on the tops are great ways to show you have an eye for style, without going full-on peacock. 

Business Formal or Formal Wear
Leather is king when it comes to rocking a formal loafer. Both penny and Gucci styles can work, but nothing says dapper and dressy quite like a Belgian loafer. This style tends to be a bit more narrow in the toe, though not prohibitively, which gives it a stunningly sleek look. Belgian loafers are also sewn inside out, so when they are turned outside-out when the work is done, the stitching is immaculate. 

2. Have no laces or buckles

For casual wear, don’t shy away from more colourful, textured and printed loafers. Dapper is not synonymous with boring, so showcase your own style with a pop of colour or and personality in your footwear.

Want to go really chill but still look really dapper? If you have a casual cloth loafer, you can even wear them with some fitted lounge pants and a tank and rock a dapper athleisure trend. They can also go with shorts -- though basketball shorts may be pushing your luck. To still be considered 'dapper', you are going to want to make sure the majority of your outfit has structure and rayon b-ball shorts just don't cut it.

Socks or No Socks?

Ah, the eternal loafer dilemma: to wear socks or not? Here’s the rule of thumb (or foot, as it were): if you’re going casual, no socks are fine. If it is more formal, wear socks  — and not just any socks: actual dress socks. No gym socks, or thick wool socks, or thermal socks. Nice, hole-free, dress socks.

That’s it, fellas! This intel should have you primed to unleash your dapper-self on the world, foot first. 

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