Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 57



Hey guys & gals so I know I've a little hiatus with the blog and I do apologize its been a lot going on and I will definitely catch you all up on things but I am back and ready to put out a ton of new content!

You all know what's up its Tuesday!

I am so exited to be back in action and sharing content with you all. A lot has been happening for me, from my job, to my life, to the blog etc. So like I said we have a lot to chit chat about. That being said its Tumblr Tuesday so let's get into it.

So I was definitely feeling a "tropical" vibe with the post this week lol. I saw the photo with the palmy leaves and I was like oh my gosh yes! That's the vibe we are going for this week. Plus I thought it would be perfect with the summer weather and this Texas heat! - Don't even get me started on that...

Plus who can forget that coachella just happened! 

I mean I don't know which was more talked about Coachella or Beyonce' or should I say #beychella !

But yeah TTF is back and better than ever be expecting a lot more content and more posts on a regular basis. I am excited to be doing this for you all and all your support does not go unnoticed.

Btw: Have y'all heard about the "Trendy Tees" ?? Well of course not because i've been M.I.A! Lol

Well yes I am starting to create merch! I am so excited I want to see if you all would be interested in it than I will make a whole shop of the tees, etc. but I don't want to do that if know one is going to get them ya know? So definitely leave me a comment if you would be interested!

You can even leave me a message!

But yeah that's about all the tea.. so now that I've caught y'all up with everything (well almost) - a more detailed post will be later on.

Until then I will catch y'all on the next post! Love y'all

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