My New Go To Bag!


This blog post is sponsored in collaboration with the brand cork centric- Corkcentric is a brand that creates products from recycled goods to create sustainable leather goods.

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Okay so when I say I'm obsessed I'm obsessed with this bag! It's so user friendly, and compact but still spacious, and it goes with everything! How can you beat that? I usually carry multiple things with me so having a bag with is definitely helpful. I usually carry my fanny pack, on a regular basis, but now that I have this bag I am good to go.

I love the fact that I can throw multiple things in it when I'm in a hurry and be out the door in 5 minutes! Let me just give y'all a quick rundown of the things that I carry with me on the daily.

Charger- I HATE when I'm out and about with a dead battery it's just the worst feeling ever.
Phone- Duh why wouldn't I have my phone?
Wallet- I always carry my wallet of course because that's where the money at! lol Plus it's always important to have identification on you at all times.
Headphones- I love to listen to music when I'm just out walking or when if get bored.
Keys- Can't be locked out my house right?? Plus my keys to the store at work. ( Visual Manager! ) 
Lotion -duh can't be all ashy... lol
Snacks - I love a snack if you didn't know this already lol

All these items are definitely my essentials and my cork centric bag definitely helps me handle it all with ease. Doesn't that just sounds perfect an everyday item that makes your life easier, or just a tad bit less complicated? Lol I am here for it! I could use all the ease in the world lol.

I feel like everyone has that kind of bag though ya know?

The one that they first grab when they're in a hurry, or the one they carry around almost everyday, or it goes with every outfit that you wear? Like come on tell me that y'all don't have one?

Well this bag is definitely it for me I'm obsessed and it will be with me forever.

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