Guest Post: How to Look Expensive Without Branded Item


If there is one look that I don’t want to wear in this world, it is cheap look.
Looking cheap is not attractive. In social situation, you won’t catch people’s attention. Or at least, not in desirable way. In business situation, you won’t look impressive, you won’t look like you’re successful, and this may cause you to lose potential. Maybe not all people are this shallow, but let’s face it, most of them will judge you from your appearance.
I’m not saying that you should always buy and wear designer items. I’m just saying that you should look expensive, but let it tell you that looking expensive is not always about the price of the item you’re wearing, but more about how you are wearing your items.
So, how should you wear your (not branded) items to look expensive?
  1. Quality over quantity
So yeah, I’ve just said that it’s not about the price, and here my first advice is quality over quantity, that implies you should buy higher price item, yeah?
Well no. Quality item doesn’t always mean higher price. Quality item doesn’t always mean designer item. What I mean is that it’s better to have a few of high quality item rather than a lot of low quality item.
High quality item is durable, and most of the time, it shows. Low quality item will have things like loose thread, uneven seams, and cuts that are just not right. People who look at you maybe can’t pinpoint why there’s something wrong with what you wear, but they’ll notice that something is off.
If you don’t mind second-hand clothes, you can buy second-hand branded item from charity shop. The secret to get really good items is to go to charity shop in posh area. The probability of you finding good items there will double.
  1. Make sure they fit
This is what many people miss. Size and fittingness is very important. Sometimes, you see a pretty dress that you really want, but they don’t have your exact size, only one that is a couple looser. You buy it and tell yourself that it’s okay. No, it’s not okay. When you wear fitted clothes, you will look purposeful and put together. You won’t look like someone who forgets to go to the tailor or someone who doesn’t care about her clothes. 
I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy the dress. I’m saying that you shouldn’t forget to take your oversized dress to the tailor. Meanwhile, look again into your closet. Is there anything else that you need to fix? Maybe sleeves or pants that are too long?
  1. Wear them pristine
Only wear clothes that are pristine. Don’t wear clothes with stain on it, or with tear. So, take care of your clothes carefully. When you notice it gets some kind of stain or tear, fix it immediately. If you lose a button, replace it immediately. Remove the stain, hide the tear, but never wear them again before they are fixed. What if the stain persists and the tear too wide? I’m sorry, but it’s time to let it go. If you’re into crafting, you can probably repurpose it into something different if you don’t want it to go to waste.
  1. Don’t wear earthy color if it’s cheap
Earthy color like dark brown and olive is good, but on cheap material they fade too soon, and change the color into something sad and forgotten. If you like dark color, you’ll want to switch into black. Better yet, choose white instead. Black and white usually looks the same in cheap or expensive materials. Another good color for cheap materials are pastels.
If you really love earthy color, then you can buy one or two pieces of them with good quality. They won’t fade as fast. 
  1. Don’t wear intricate patterns or lace if it’s cheap
Why? Because it shows so obviously. First, patterns in cheap items are usually broken at the seams, because the manufacturer don’t want to waste the fabric just to make sure the print continues. Second, lace in cheap items is loose and will be more likely to break sooner than later. The key to look good in cheap item is probably to keep it basic. Cheap item manufacturer won’t have time to invest in too much detail.
  1. Know material that looks expensive
There are three materials that looks expensive even though they are not. They are linen, faux suede, and cotton. Take material into consideration, not just the design and the detail. With the right combination of material and color, people won’t be able to distinguish $10 item with $100 item.
  1. Don’t wash or iron, steam
Don’t wash your clothes too often, especially if it is outer items like blazer or sweater. Washing fades the color and loosens the tight thread of the fabric. If they only get dirty on a spot, try to remove the stain with cotton bud or brush, in that area only.
If your clothes smell, some people suggest that storing it in freezer removes the smell. I personally never try this and don’t plant to, but if you’re feeling more adventurous then you can try. 
Ironing, just like washing, also fades color and loosens tight thread. Not to mention, it’s such a hassle. Instead, steam your wrinkled clothes. It’s gentler on the fabric and you don’t have to move the muscles on your hands. 

And lastly, the most important is how confident you are wearing your clothes. You may wear $1000 coat, but if you slouch, won’t meet other people’s eyes, or mumbles when you talk, you won’t look expensive either. However, you can also wear less than $100 ensembles, but with sincere smile, clear voice, and strong handshake you will make yourself look expensive.
Got any other tips I miss? Feel free to add more technique on how to make yourself look expensive and impressive, even without branded goods on your closet.
About Author:
Nag Endra is a professional blogger. Most of his  writing includes on fashion and lifestyle subjects. Currently he is writing articles for Smile Tutor, company that is specialized in helping parents and students  to find right home tutor for free.

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