Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 55


I am screaming!! Lol I'm too much..

Am I the only one obsessed with these looks. They honestly remind me of NYFW streetwear looks. Like ya know just casually caught by a photographer on the sidewalk as you slightly pose for the picture.

All these looks are giving me everything though like am I the only one? Like the first pic come on is she not serving looks! Lol A little faux fur moment is everything like who doesn't love a great fur. Well honestly? Thats contradicting because some people actually don't love fur actually. But anyway before I go on a rant lol lets move on.

I feel like all these looks are so like blogger esc lol 

You know what I mean? Like how us as bloggers have those "blogger poses". The third photo is a perfect example lie she looks like she was actually just caught by the paparazzi but "caught" in a I was actually posing for this photo kind of way lol.

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