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So I hope you all are enjoying your Monday evening.. I am sitting here watching netflix as I type this out lol. Today has been a productive one for me, and kinda tiring.

But anyway let me not go on a rant like I usually do and let's hop into this weeks Must Haves!

So lately I have really been obsessed with baseball caps! I have already acquired around 3 or 4 of them from different places. Mainly from forever 21.. but what else is new right?  The most recent one I want for sure is this rose printed one with the rose graphic on front. It's so chic!

Forever 21 has gotten in some killer menswear product that you all must check out! Not just menswear they've gotten some amazing new collections for women as well so don't count yourselves out ladies.

Okay seriously where do I begin on these trousers!! Ugh I'm obsessed! What I love is the fact that they look so damn comfy and two, they look very casual but a touch of dressy as well. So there are a ton of ways I would definitely style these.  Plus the price point isn't hard bad either! If I pick these bad boys up I will most definitely be doing a complete blog post on them so stay tuned for that for sure.

I will definitely be trying these on for sure!

So I'm sure you all know about the "monkey hoodie" incident that occurred with H&M that has caused a lot of hardship for the company because a lot of their customers are no longer wanting to shop here. If you don't know what I'm talking about take a look here.

That being said I have still been a customer with the store so it is what it is. What do y'all think? Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Aldo is my absolute favorite place to shop for my shoes, I have at least 6 or 7 pairs from them and I love every one of them. They're good quality, they were all a great price, and they're all stylish. I haven' bought a new shoe in a while now but I think its time to go looking again lol.

I must add these Roenia shoes to my collection! I mean come on how unique and cute are these shoes! They would also be a perfect Valentines day shoe, or maybe even a  gift for someone else. I am loving them for sure and definitely considering the purchase.

Don't you just love a statement shoe and these are definitely one of kind. I always say I love to be different and thats what you're going to get from me and my style. Not everyone is going to look at this shoe and be like oh my gosh I need that except for me duh! Lol so yes I'm obsessed (aren't I always) and would love to add these to the family.

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  1. Anonymous2/09/2018

    I really love what you have going on and your blog keep it up. I'm always on the lookout. -Shamercya (my Google account was not being nice)

  2. Thanks to you, Monday is so amazing! xoxo All about trendy hats


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