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Moto Jacket: Forever 21 Similar Here Overalls: Forever 21 Flannel: JCP Denim Shirt: Forever 21 Baseball Cap: Forever 21 Boots: Aldo

So as you may have noticed 90% of this look comes from none other than forever 21. Y'all know my history with them I've done numerous posts where I've mentioned them or talked about them, so no need to go into greater detail.

This day in particular I was actually on my way to forever 21 to speak with their manager about some things so I definitely wanted to represent the brand. So that's really why I have on all forever 21 product. Well excluding a few items of course.

This was a perfect outfit for the type of weather we were having, even though I did get a tad hot in my moto jacket, but it was worth it in the end. But yes indeed like the title states just call me obsessed because I literally am obsessed with forever 21. The branding, the product, the merchandising and visual side of it. Just so on brand, so on trend and they never go wrong in my eyes.

Now  I will say not all forever stores are the best, because lets be honest some of them look a hot mess, but forever 21 as a brand is pretty damn awesome.

I'll always be a fan for sure and maybe even an employee someday?? We shall see and of course I'll keep you all updates on the latest!

Until next time..

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  1. Forever 21 is my go-to place too. By the way, I'm digging this look on you!

  2. hope you be 21 forever to create more nice outfit like this <3 Cool men fashion


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