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When it comes to dressing for a job interview, the question always arises as to what should I wear to land the job? There are a number of fashion tips that can help any woman determine what attire will make the best impression on a potential employer.

Office Settings

With a multitude of variances in office settings today and possible dress code policies, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where to begin an appropriate work-related clothing search, but with a little information gathering, a suitable outfit pairing can be found.

Observation and Information Gathering

Initiate the clothing search process by simply observing, if possible, what women are wearing in the workplace where you are seeking employment, or casually ask women already working in the building or office what most employees typically wear on a daily basis. Finding out necessary information ahead of time provides a potential interviewee an idea of what type of clothing to wear for an interview in most any setting. `

Fashion Tips

After you have completed your office employee clothing research, there are a few basic fashion tips to follow that will further benefit your job interview. In spite of every office environment being different, most of these tips can be applied in different interview situations. Always remember that no matter the interview setting, neatness, grooming and dressing well are essential.

Workplace Selections

In categorizing office settings, interview attire can be determined by the type of office workplace or setting. An office can go from ultra casual, to casual, to more formal. Even in an extremely casual setting, a woman's interview clothing choice should include appropriate attire.

Ultra Casual Setting

Clothing selections for an ultra casual interview setting can include:

•structured slacks, a blouse/shirt, low heeled shoes and a leather carryall handbag
•casual dress paired with a jacket or blazer and low heeled flats and a leather carryall handbag
•dark wash jeans paired with a blouse, blazer, ballet flats and a leather carryall handbag

Casual Setting

Clothing selections for a casual setting can include:

•trousers, a button-down shirt or blouse, a structured blazer, low heeled shoes and a leather carryall handbag

Formal Setting

In a more formal setting, professionalism should dominate and can include:

•stylish pant and jacket ensemble
•statement dress with a blazer or open front jacket
•Leather pumps or booties along with a leather carryall handbag for storage of a resume, laptop, tablet or other items needed for an interview

Grooming is extremely important as well. Manicured hands, proper makeup and a fresh and classic hairstyle can make a difference and can help in sealing the deal.

Color Selections

Color choices go right along with appropriate interview attire for various office settings. Colors that are either solid or contain small patterns are the most appropriate and consist of navy, gray, black, brown or khaki whether in statement dresses, jackets, slacks or suits. These color choices are less likely to create possible distractions in the interview process as would bolder and brighter colors.

There is no reason not to accessorize interview attire with bold colors in scarves, belts, handbags, and small jewelry items. Softer colors can also accessorize or complete an outfit. White, ivory or soft blue can be found in shirts, blouses and sweaters that are perfect coordinating companions, or layering pieces, for suits, open front jackets or cardigan style sweater jackets.

Essential Pieces

Fashion tips should always include a listing of essential clothing pieces that can be used in most any work setting. They can be incorporated in casual to formal workplaces and carried over into work-related, after hours, social activities. These pieces are always welcome additions for use in potential job interviews, and they should be purchased in colors such as black, white, and neutrals. An essential listing includes:

•knee length pencil skirt (preferably a soft yet structured knit)
• midi skirt
• statement dress
• wrap dress
• white button down blouse
• crisp, white t-shirt
• open front jacket or blazer
• buttoned jacket or blazer
• wrap jacket or coat
• narrow leg black pants
• dark wash narrow leg jeans
• closed toe pumps
• ankle boots/booties
• black ballet flats
• loafer style shoes
• leather belt
• leather power handbag
• silk scarf
• delicate jewelry pieces
• turtleneck sweater/top
• crew neck sweater/top

Other Fashion Tip Tidbits

•Do wear hose with a dress or skirt, or trouser socks with slacks, unless the interview is specifically casual or takes place in a warm outdoor environment.
•Do not wear revealing clothing, which translates to no plunging necklines, micro miniskirts, or see through camisoles or tops under jackets.
•Refrain from using strong smelling perfumes or colognes that may be offensive or cause allergic reactions as well as outlandish makeup (turquoise eye shadow, black raccoon eyeliner, heavy foundation and bright lipstick).
•Keep accessories to a minimum. That means ditch wild and large jewelry, big sunglasses or "bling."
•Leave your headphones or earbuds at home or put them away in your carryall long before any interview interaction.
•Chuck the outdated clothing, shoes and accessories. Find updated attire at reasonably priced retail or discount outlets.

If you are job hunting and have secured an interview or interviews, just remember to follow the fashion tips that apply to the job setting. Always err on the side of caution. In other words, go for a more polished and updated look as opposed to just plain old frumpy and outdated. That extra oomph and push for the right look just may get you that long, sought after position.

Thank you so much to Jordan for submitting this great post to me. I think during this day and age a lot of people are going to more interviews, especially in the younger generation and it helps to know what you should be wearing when doing so!

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