Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 53



Okay lets just start out by saying that I am utterly obsessed with this mustard yellow color. Its so chic and so versatile. I have definitely been noticing it a lot lately in different retail stores, on fashion blogs, etc. I think its perfect for this time of year when it cold as well as when its its the warmer weather. 

I've said this before and I'm saying it again, I feel like sometimes when the colder weather hits people tend to stay more muted with there colors. Darker hues, monochromatic, kinda monotone. But I think that a drop in temperature should stop you from wearing some more of your brighter colors. Plus mustard is actually perfect because its not as bright as a summer yellow but its not too dark as well.

I have been paying more attention to colors, prints, themes, trends a lot more lately since being in forever 21 a lot more and this color is definitely on the racks right now. Especially since forever 21's brand color is yellow! Not this exact yellow but you know what I mean lol. Check out some items here that are sporting the trend.

I most definitely will be adding this to my wardrobe for sure! Will you be joining me ? 

Comment on this post or on my Instagram whether you think this color is a HIT or a MISS for you!

I will catch you guys on the next post! Got some planning to do... hmmm what content should I do this week?

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