Guest Post: 6 Fashion Tips for Really Cold Winter Weather


This guest post was written by Isaac Atia, Editor at, where he reviews the top rated electric shavers and other home or outdoors products. On his free, Isaac enjoys a good read!

1. Spend Money On A Great Coat

Spend money on a great coat, because you’ll be spending a lot of time in it. If you have a good coat, you’re covered every day, both literally and in terms of style. The coat doesn’t have to be bulky; you can layer underneath. Which brings us to the next point:

2. More Layers Mean More Elegance

With this weather, you’ll need to wear a lot of layers. You can even wear more than one pair of tights. Nobody will see, and they’ll keep you warm. Layering is the key to staying warm. And there is a reason why it is always trendy in the winter – it’s the best and most practical way to dress when it’s freezing out. Have no qualms about piling on the layers. Wear a turtleneck under or over a sweater, that under a jacket or coat, and you’ll be sure to stay warm. So will a skirt or dress over a pair of pants, which are much warmer than tights.

When it’s really cold, you will need to find creative ways to layer under your clothes that people won’t notice. You can wear sheer stockings or a pair of tights under a pair of ripped jeans or a long-sleeve T-shirt under a form-fitting sweater. Long johns are a great idea for winter because they’ll come in real handy if you’re walking to work.

3. Try Not To Get Out Of The Car

“It is freezing! I have decided that a car to the venue and everywhere else can eliminate maybe two pieces of clothing. You can’t completely stay warm and look good otherwise.” - Jessica Hart, model and founder of the beauty line Luma Cosmetics

If you need to work weekends, you’ll suffer the double whammy of (perhaps) unpaid overtime and the heat being turned off in the office. If you drive to work, try to park as close to the office building as possible. If not, take a cab, and have it wait outside as you leave. 

4. Prepare

Maybe you find it colder than it actually is because you aren’t prepared for the cold wave. Even Florida participated in winter this year. All you need is to be prepared. Get a face mask and order your tea or coffee on the app in advance. Then, you’re good to go.

5. Boots

A great pair of boots are quintessential to cool winter style. Show off your cool pair of over-the-knee boots with a short dress, or pair dresses or cuffed jeans with killer ankle boots. It is snowing? Well, even I couldn’t lie to you – there is nothing elegant about snow boots. You could use them as a basis to put together a unique, inventive outfit instead of wearing them with just anything.

6. Wear (Faux) Fur And Shearling

The only thing winter has got going for it is that you can wear fur, or faux fur. Fur can be worn with just about anything to give your look an instant upgrade. Buy a statement fur topper, find cool fur accent pieces like fur collars, or throw on a fur vest or stole over your winter coat to make your winter outfits more fun.

Shearling keeps you really warm, and its appearance, texture and feeling are really great too. There are shearling scarves, shearling belts, shearling shoes – practically everything.


When you plan on travelling, always check the weather in advance. This is particularly true if you are coming from a state or country that’s usually warm. Such people tend to under-pack, just because they don’t know any better and haven’t checked. You don’t want to have to use your airplane blanket as a coat when you land in Boston or New York, now, do you – that isn’t going to look very good! And don’t forget the hat – hats can be really cool and stylish when you know what you're doing.

♥︎ A big thank you from me to Isaac for submitting this content to my blog I truly love and appreciate when someone takes time to create material just to send it to me. It means the world. Again be sure to check him out on his website and I will see you all on the next one!

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