A London Model's Tragic Death


So I am in utter shock at the news of this young 25 year old model's death and how it happened is what makes it even worse.

So I was intending on using some of Harry Uzoka's photos in my last tumblr Tuesday post and as I was uploading the pictures that I gathered, I just happen to scroll down to see a caption stating "Harry Uzoka Rest In Paradise". This took me by complete surprise! In my head I'm like oh my gosh this guy is actually dead!

So I do some further investigating and do some google searches. I come up an article from Vanity Fair talking about what happened to him. So like I said he is a model based out of London. Now the terrible part that I mentioned in the beginning is that he didn't just die of natural causes he was actually murdered!

The article states that Harry died from stab wounds in West London. Now here's another kicker that people who performed this cruel act are models as well! All three (the victims, and 2 suspects) are London models so they all must have knew each other. The other models are George Koh whose 24 and Jonathan Okigbo whose 23. So they're all very close in age group.

Both men arrested for this terrible crime have been released with no further action being taken. 

Now my opinion on that is like really? I think there needs to be further action taken toward these two men who did this horrible crime. The fact that they have taken no further action is sad. Like when is the world going to take these sort of things moire seriously its ridiculous. 

I don't want to rant on and on about this because its honestly just saddening and it truly hurts my heart to even be reading about this.

I love you all for reading and remember show and spread love. I truly appreciate all of my readers for taking the time to read my content and share all of this with you all. 

Much love xoxoxo

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