My New Journey Into Visual Merchandising


Y'all I am so damn excited! You really just don't understand! This is something that I've always wanted to do and I am finally getting that opportunity as a visual merchandiser PLUS its with one of my favorite companies forever 21 !

Visual Merchandising: The practice in the retail industry of developing floor plans and three dimensional displays in order to maximize sales.

So when you walk into a retailer like forever 21 for example, and I use them because there merchandising and their visuals are always amazing. But when you walk into the store you immediately notice a few things: the mannequins- they're their to help you get an idea of how to style certain clothing items.

Where the product (clothing) is located: If you notice from the photos above, the clothing that's on the mannequins are within a certain perimeter from them. 

This is because when you see something styled on a mannequin and think "I wonder where that jacket is?" You don't have to go looking for it. Does that make sense? So that is another thing that merchandisers will do a lot.

Now visual merchandising doesn't pertain to just clothing it's for accessories as well. When I say accessories this could be shoes, jewelry, etc. So make sure you take that into account when merchandising.

It's all in the styling. Pairing certain accessories and apparel pieces together is essential in merchandising. 

This color scheme is beautiful I love the blush tones mixed with the denim pieces everywhere. It's very balanced and an overall great aesthetic.

But that is all for this post everyone! I could go on all day but then I would be sitting here forever lol.

I think I'm going to start a new section/page or something on blog specifically for visual merchandising so that way you all can get a close insight into what I will be doing everyday as well as giving me the opportunity to expand the blog even more. So I will probably getting that started up and running when I enter my new position!

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