Must Have Monday


So since I reside in Texas and its still summer-isa out here I have not had the opportunity to even put a coat on! But that doesn't stop me from looking around though! Look at this bomb ass peacoat I found from forever 21! I am 1000% obsessed and must have it in my wardrobe. It's a great color because it can be work with pretty much anything and it looks extremely soft! Y'all know i must have comfort & cute so this is perfect.

Okay so I don't know shit about ACDC but I honestly want this shirt. Know one ask me about their music because I'm going to look at you like what the hell are you talking about? Lol 

But that being said I am obsessed with this freaking shirt plus its from a really great brand/store ASOS! I have never shopped on ASOS a day in my life but I definitely want to shop with them more often for sure. 

 So I have been wanting a distressed denim jacket for like forever now. I currently have a denim jacket that I picked up from Rue21 a long ass time ago, I've added buttons, fabric etc. basically d.i.y it. But my next thing to get a hold of is a distressed denim jacket. They look so cool and so chic! I'm definitely obsessed.  I've seen some really nice ones from forever 21 that I'm definitely considering purchasing as well as some from Old Navy. But we have it mainly in the women's department and not the men's but it really doesn't matter to me.

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