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Six Must-Have Pieces for Your Home Library

If you're anything like me, you must be an avid reader! I love reading; I enjoy spending my evening walking through the shelves in a bookshop; even my favorite fragrance is that of new books! Having this obsession of reading, I have developed a small home library of my own in which I keep my most prized possession, my books. There's no denying that most of my time is spent in my library where I read and work, and having naturally gifted aesthetics I renovate and re-decorate my library very often. Over the years, I have found that some things serve almost like a library essential. So, if you want something for your home library, read this list that I have compiled of library must-haves and decide for yourself.

1.     Book Repair Kit
I felt the need to own one, owing to my extremely courteous nature; I started lending my books out. Not everyone is as careful with the books are you might be, so I expected the fact that sometimes my books would wear out. I bought a small kit with which you can repair and rebind the whole book, and I love how useful it can be.

2.     Book Deodorizer
Don’t freak out if you’re listening to the product’s name for the first time. Book deodorizers are used to remove odor from the pages. It can be used to treat clothes or other objects as well, so it is useful at home. The granules of this product end up absorbing all the moisture and smell, leaving the book feeling fresh. It can even eradicate the smell of cigarette.

3.     Inkredible Erasers
Looking for something that can remove inky inscriptions or dead bug stains from the book? Opt for this tricky and super useful product. I never imagined this was possible! It eliminates a lot of stains, and it prevents the paper from getting torn. It also removes fingerprints stains.

4.     Metal Weights
Keeping books taught me that they're going to get torn and might need to get their binding done. But getting the binding done is a bit too costly at times, so I decided to start binding my books for myself. But for that, I needed binding tools, now that I do have a binding kit I also required metal weights to put on the books while the binding is getting done. S, make sure you have a good weight for binding.

5.     Colorful Magazine File Case
Equip your library with some unusual magazine file case; it will give your library a nice pop of color and help you sort your books out in a better way. You can also get some shelf baskets so that your books, magazines, and newspaper do not get lost and messy. This is a beneficial item.

6.     A Standing Desk
Get yourself an adjustable standing table so that you can adjust its height as per your requirement. This will let you use the desk for many purposes.
I believe these simple items would make your home library more comfortable and elegant.

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