10 Simple Interior Design Tips for Stunning Bedroom Decor


Post submitted by Michael Thurston of fivemoremintues.com.au

1. Linen

The most important part of a bedroom is... the bed. Whether your prefer neutral colors or bright patters, keep in mind how your bedsheets will look in relation to the rest of your room. For example, if you have curtains with a bright pattern on them then make sure these don't clash with your bedsheets. There are also many materials and textures to choose from, so try to feel the sheets before you buy them to ensure maximum comfort. You can also decorate your bed by adding a pile of cushions or a snuggly down comforter on top.

Taking the time to take proper care of you bed linen is incredibly important if your sheets and quilt cover are a key element to your bedroom decor as they will otherwise lose their lustre quite quickly.

2. Wall Tapestry

An easy way to give your bedroom character and cosiness is to hang tapestry on your wall. These are very lightweight and easy to hang up. You can choose from hundreds of prints and countless colors. They come in a variety of sizes and can look great over your bed or on a particular empty wall. Keep in mind that dark designs will absorb light from your room, while light designs can add brightness to dark rooms. Also, consider how different colors and patterns will look with the rest of the room, especially your bed linen, curtains, and other textiles.

3. Photographs

What better way to personalize your room than to put up your favorite memories? Whether you frame them, hang them up from a string with wooden pegs, or pin them to a cork board, photographs will add character and color to your room. It can be nice to be surrounded by images that make you feel at home, especially if you've just moved to university or into a new room or house.

4. Posters and Prints

Posters and prints are another easy trick for decorating and personalizing your bedroom. Whtether its a picture of your favorite band, an inspirational quote, a poster from your favorite event, or just artwork you like, you can easily make your space your own with a few large prints. If you're feeling super creative you could even draw some posters yourself.

And it isn't just a matter of filling the blank surface. The actual layout of what you put up will help to create a look and feel. Here is a great info graphic on how to create the look you want with your wall hangings.

5. Lights and Lamps

Lights and lamps can make all the difference. In addition to the overhead lighting in your room, consider having some smaller and dimmer lights for a more relaxed mood. You could have a bedside lamp, a desk lamp, or a standing lamp by your reading chair. You can even hang up some fairy lights for a dreamy effect.

6. Rug

Rugs can make any boring floor look nice, and any hard or cold floor a delight for the feet. Many rugs are washable as well, so you don't have to worry about getting them dirty. Think about the colors in your room and how you want the rug to fit in. Will it be the brightest thing in the room, or just subtly add some color to the floor?

7. Plants

Plants have a lot going for them. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you're likely to find some to suit your taste. They are rewarding to take care of (if you do, of course) and they'll bring some of the freshness of the outdoors into your room. They're also known for improving air quality by reducing carbon dioxide and other pollutant levels as well as airborne dust.

8. Asymmetry and Mismatching

To spice it up a bit, try mismatching some furniture or exploring asymmetrical arrangements. For example, you might hang a picture blatantly off-center. Or you could have a different night stand on each side of your bed. Make it interesting, but try to limit the oddities to a certain number of details, otherwise the chaos could become hard on the eyes.

9. Colors- Neutrals & Accents

When you think about what colors you want in your room, try to come up with a base set of colors that is warm but neutral. You might choose colors like cream, tan, olive, or any pastel colors, which are not too light nor dark. These will cover most  of the surface area in your room, which might include the walls, floor and furniture. Then choose one or more vivid colors that you can use to brighten the room with details, like blue, orange, pink etc. You might want to use these colors in a rug, cushions, lampshade, wall tapestry, or anything else you can think of. Remember how the colors will look together, and to spread the brighter colored details more or less evenly across the room.

10. Repurposing or Upgrading

You can rethink the purpose of many pieces of furniture and household items. You might use chairs as nightstands or a fishbowl as a candle holder, for example. You could hang photographs from a string of fairly lights. If you're up for some DIY creativity, you can even paint your furniture or walls to suit your new color scheme or brighten the room.

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