Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 50


Happy Tuesday Readers!!






Clearly my obsession continues with this color. Will it ever be over maybe, maybe not. I highly doubt it hey we shall see. It's just a color that is sick af and I am her for it 100%. And not its not just pink its pink but ten times better than pink lol.

If that makes since? -probably not.

I should seriously make a category on the blog for blush so you all can see how many blog posts I've done with this color in it. I honestly have no idea. I know I have done quite a few tumblr Tuesday posts about it though for sure so we just need to ramble them all together and count.

I may do a post using all the pictures from the tumbler Tuesday post's with blush it. That would probably be lengthy post.

I hope you all aren't getting tired of seeing it on th blog because honestly you should really be use to it by now lol...

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