Must Have Monday


What's up my loves! So it is officially time for another must have Monday! How's everyone doing though? We good? Great!

So I am obsessed with this rib sleeved moto jacket from forever21. I have been wanting a moto jacket in my wardrobe since forever! They are just an essential item in everyones wardrobe. Whether you are a male or female it is definitely a statement piece and very much so needed, especially with the weather transitioning into the cooler temperatures.

These are so on trend right now its crazy! I don't know how I feel about these padded/puffer jackets. Seeing them on runways, and in stores, etc I love it and how they look, but I haven't tried any of them on.. so I'm intrigued. I feel like there are also a lot of different ways you can wear this. Whether you do it with distressed denim, and boots and go grunge. 

Or take it the opposite direction and dress comfy with sweats. I definitely want to try ones of these on for sure to see how it looks on me then I will make the decision to purchase it or not. Wish me luck lol. By the way old navy has a ton of puffers

I know I'm not the only one obsessed with this yin-yang tapestry!?  Its freaking sick! I absolutely love these because they add such decoration to any room and wall. Like that spot in your house or room that you're like what the hell am I going to put on this blank canvas of a wall? Bam grab you a tapestry and your problems are solved. I have even seen a lot of people use them as a curtain in front of their window. I personally wouldn't use it for that but hey you can whatever you want with it.

Love y'all and we shall see each other again for tumblr tuesday!

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    always take there time to get ready LOL the case of the mondays


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