Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 48


I just loved these pictures to be honest.

I was scrolling through tumblr and was trying to decide on what I wanted to do for this week's post. I really didn't decide on a theme for this week... obviously. Which I dont do a lot on these posts most of them have themes to them like here, here & here.

I do want to always express and showcase positivity on the blog so you can definitely say this post has a positive affect to it ya know. There is enough of other nonsense going on in the workd and im not here in any way to add on to the mess lol.

That's why I call the blog my safe haven ( top of the blog where it says welcome ) because here I do what I want and share what I want with you all (my readers) & the world.

Random sidenote: I'm obsessed with the black and white striped outfit in the 3rd photo! Are you kidding me! #everything! I absolutely want it asap.

But yes this post is all things positivity.


I am in support of it all.. ummm if you're not, please leave your comments in your head not in my comments thanks :)

Love you all so much I truly cant thank you enough for the love and support you show me on the blog, social media, its just so overwhelming and truly a blessing to recieve so much positive feedback on what I do.

Well I hope everyone enjoys there Tuesday!

Much Love

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