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How often do you wonder if your hair is looking good? And you immediately go about fixing it, don't you? But do you wonder often enough, if you are washing your hair right and taking proper care of it? If the health of your lustrous mane means anything to you, you should wonder often enough.

As with all things, there is the right way and the wrong way to wash your hair! The best hair pros and stylists in the world recommend these methods to keep your hair healthy, lustrous and smooth.

If you think that you can't have your hair feeling as good and healthy with a hair wash at home, as it feels good when you go to the hair salon, you have got it wrong. It's all about washing your hair the right way and they know it while you just don't.

So maybe you need some help after all!

How Often is Too Often?

The first thing that you ought to know about washing your hair is that you shouldn't be washing it as often as you like. The reason is simple- you want to get rid of the oil that the hair produces when you wash and the more often you wash your hair, the more oil it produces.

Well then, washing your hair too often is counter-productive.
So how often should you wash your hair?
It doesn't matter what your hair type is! You probably need only three rinses a week. Any more is too often.

Are you using shower filters?

If not then you are letting chlorine and other chemicals on your head, Chlorine will dry your skin and remove essential oils from your hair and scalp. There are many other health benefits from using shower filters so be sure to read more here:

Do You Like It Cold, Warm, or Hot?

It doesn't matter! Your hair likes it warm.

You might prefer a scalding hot steam shower in the morning to wake you up and get that surge of adrenaline going in your body, but a hot shower isn't good for your hair. 

If you don't want to leave your hair dry and in a coma, don't go for the hot shower.
The best thing for hair care is a warm water wash on the cooler side. Help those cuticles open right up to release all the dirt and grime that have accumulated inside, while still staying close enough to lock in enough moisture.
Rinse Before You Wash

Your hair needs a thorough rinse before you wash. It's like soaking your clothes before you go for the detergent wash. Rinsing helps your hair soak in the moisture and prime itself for the wash later.

Wish rinsing you are releasing the oils that stick to your scalp and letting the cuticles soak it up.

For the Long Mane

For those men out there who have long hair- condition first to protect your hair ends from damage before you go for shampooing! Critical if you do not want those split hairs.

Scrub or not to Scrub

Before you get to shampooing this is the question to ask.
You do not scrub as you don't want to damage the roots of your hair. You have to be as gentle as possible when you go about massaging your scalp.

Choose the right one!

Well, lets talk about your shampoo. With the right kind of shampoo comes the best hair care.

For the only hair, use a purifying shampoo that helps you get rid of the oil. Conversely, for the dry and coarse hair type, use the hydrating and moisturizing shampoos.

If you have a fine hair type that doesn't like to be overly burdened by shampoo that weigh it down and leave it listless, use a gentle cleansing shampoo.

Start Right and End it Right Too

The right place to start your shampooing is at the scalp. It means that you expend most of the volume of the shampoo that you are using on the scalp and move out to the ends of your mane to use the rest.

There is a method to the madness.

The short, new hairs closest to the scalp are the oiliest. You need to focus on washing them thoroughly. The ends of your hair are drier and less oily compared to the new ones, and shouldn't be overburdened with shampoo washing.

Now it's time for some myth busting.
You don't need a second shampoo wash, unlike the shampoo companies instruct you. Well, guess they need to sell their stuff.
You just need one thorough wash and that will be all that your hair needs for the day.

When you are washing your scalp, as it was already mentioned be very gentle with the kneading, but be very thorough. You need to work the shampoo into the scalp to get the oil and grime out. Use as much shampoo as you need, not more than you need. Go for a quarter-sized shampoo for your shampooing needs.

Tough Conditioning

You have to get this part right. This isn't easy because you need yo spend some time being patient.

Get rid of some water from your hair before you condition. And when you do, start from the middle and work your way to the end of your hair. There is no need to work scalp as it already has your natural oils for moisturizing.

You have to leave the conditioner on your hair for at least 5 to 7 minutes to let it be absorbed into the hair. Leave it for any lesser and your hair will not be adequately moisturized and if you leave for longer your hair might end up having the residues of the conditioner sticking to it.

One Final Rinse

Give your hair one final rinse, but this time with cold water to help those cuticles seal shut and leave your hair shinier than it was ever before.

This is an important step as any of the rest we have mentioned so far. So, even if you have a problem with cold water hitting you early in the morning, we recommend you stick with the process down to the last letter.

Gentle With The Drying

Don't go tough on your hair when you are almost there! Be gentle while you dry your hair; you have taken such good care so far. Don't let it all go to waste by going too harsh on your hair and damage it.

Here, you have got some of the best hair wash tips and methods that the pros use to give your hair the lustrous, shiny look that it was meant to have. Now, don't hesitate. Work your way to a feel-good hair wash.

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