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I mean I know I'm not the only one out there! Right!?

So today I wanted to do a post that was a little different from my usual fashion posts, style, trends etc.

I want to share with you one of my other passion... FOOD lol. I love to eat, love discovering new little cafe's, restaurants and different little foods to eat. So I will be sharing some places that I'm sure are common to you and some that you may not be so familiar with.

Be sure to leave places that you love down in the comments as well. Especially if you reside in Texas like I do, I would love to give them a try!

No I don't know what these drinks are..  (the middle is a frappuccino that's all I know)

I am so obsessed with Starbucks and if you aren't.. why? I  am literally here almost ever single day. When I leave after work, on my way home, I'm there so much they know me personally.

Why? Not only are the drinks absolutely amazing but:
1. The environment is always very clean, peaceful, and relaxing

2. The baristas try to make you feel welcome and happy every single time you come through that door. And if you're there enough like me they may even know you by name. (And no nor jar by reading the cup.) My go-to drink order is either a Vinte(Large) Green tea lemonade and I ask for it to be extra sweet. 

3. Free WIFI! Come on don't judge, yes this is another reason why I love them. I for sure know I'm not the only one. Internet is everything now-a-days and everyone needs a free wifi connection. Starbucks isn't like some other places that either have a passcode or you have to buy something to use there wifi? Who TF are you? Lol #ThankYouStarbucks #FREEWIFI

I could seriously do an entire blog post on why I love Starbucks so much if you're interested comment or send me a message.

Okay now these! I'm obsessed ! I was introduced to these tasty treats from a friend and as soon as I popped them into my mouth I've wanted them! Im seriously craving some now just writing this blog post. Lol. They are so delicious and since they're organic they taste 10x better than any other gummy bears in my opinion.

Try letting them soak in your alcohol ugh thats a whole other story! BOMB AF, amazing. Trust me.

I'm obsessed with all things RESSES! Like seriously, from recess puff cereal, to recess cups, I'm sure anything recess that's edible I would absolutely love it. It's legit I have an obsession. The combination  of the chocolate and peanut butter is just complete heaven! I could definitely eat a whole bag of these instantly *snaps fingers*

I love snacks, treats, candy... like I can't wait for halloween to come around so I can just indulge myself lol. Yes I still go trick or treating and no I'm not too old for it.. One more year then I'll be done with it ( maybe) lol

I don't want to keep this post going on for days so I will catch you all on the next one!!

Before you go leave a comment with your favorite snack that you enjoy eating.

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  1. Well, I have to admit that I also like Resses :)

  2. I have an obsession with Starbucks too, not only the drinks, the food, but the brand's story is also inspiring <3

    xoxo, http://coolmenstyle.com/


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