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College is right around the corner for a lot of us (including me), and with that being said you need to double, triple, and quadruple check that you have everything you need and all the tools to survive. Especially if you're going to be living on campus or going to another state/city for school. You may be in an area where you can just run to the store... ya never know. Not everyone goes to school in the city ya know.

But anyway...

Hopefully you already have the majority of the things you'll need like bedding, fridge, microwave, school supplies etc... but just in case I'm here to give ya a hand and some tip and tricks to not forget.

I may not include pictures and links to every single product because this post would go on forever, so thats why I've included the college checklist down below so check that out!

I will break it down into the different categories to make a little less overwhelming..



Chevron Towels are from here
You are going to NEED a shower caddy! These keep all your items nice and tidy and together. Trust me sharing a bathroom may not be liked by everyone.

Shop this one here & similar in blue




Idk if any of you are like me when it comes to like storage and little bins, but I'm obsessed. I love it! Containers, boxes, cute little clear bins ugh its perfect especially when it comes to college. That way everything has its own little space and you can find everything when you need it.

These clear bins from Urban Outfitters are a great example of bins to use. I would recommend putting some labels on them just for decorative purposes but since they're clear you obviously know what inside of them.

For all my ladies who need storage for there makeup and beauty products, again I have to go with clear bins and containers to see your products. You all know those makeup bags can get messy and out of control at times. Am I right?

But of course you can alway use these for whatever you want not just makeup but even your school supplies. It always helps when the things you buy can be versatile and used for more than one purpose.


Places to shop for college

There are quite a bit of places you can shop for your dorm decor, supplies, etc. I will be sharing some of my favorite places to get things. Great prices, quality products perfect.

I know when I first moved into college and was living in my dorm I shopped around literally everywhere for my items. From walmart to target, to ross so you really can't go wrong and it really just depends on what exactly you're shopping for at the moment.

Also be considerate of your price point as well there are items that you can get at different places for better prices. So definitely shop around, now I know if its last minute you probably won't have time to do so and things may be sold through but you can always try. It can get expensive once things start to add up. I say the main things that you need to spend your money on (which you don't have to spend a whole lot) is your microwave & fridge. (Here's my exact fridge from college) Btw: Always double check to make sure you know what items you cannot bring to school.

Take a look at this college list of things to get that I have included up above.. I didn't want this this post to be three days long so I kind of cut it short here so you all won't be here all day lol.

But definitely read the list from above and check that out, I know school is right around the corner for many of us (including me

I hope everyone has a successful school year for all my fellow college folks, if you're in high school I know school  started today for you all so I hope it all went well!

Much love xoxo

I will catch you on the next one for tumblr tuesday!

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