Guest Post: 5 Easy Ways To Add A Mid Century Style To Your Home


Hey everyone! We are here today to share a guest post will you all (I know its been a while!) submitted to me by Jane Harper of Media Relations.

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Jane Harper is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home decor ideas. She regularly posts at

The mid-century design has taken everyone in grip when it comes to designing as a layman or as
the focal decorating theme by the interior designers. The look may seem simple, yet it alone can
serve the purpose of adding mid-century style to your home. Industrial d├ęcor is all about clean
lines and simple designs that give an exotic look to your space. Let the nostalgic feeling of the
50's sink in and get creative in playing with patterns and vibrant colors. What has made the style
so popular among masses? We as masses are tired of the hard and tough routine and want to add
some change and uniqueness to our life style that cast a calming effect on our eyes and nerves.
Enlisted in this article are five easy ways to add a mid-century style to your home and bring you
back to the natural and traditional charm of the good old days. 

Wood is never out of date when it comes to mid-century look:

Natural wood the central theme of all the interior decorators to achieve the mid century furniture look in one go. The modern wood furniture has lost its originality as it is either engineered or processed wood. Opt for high-quality furniture pieces of the 50's if you really want to achieve and incorporate the mid-century look in your interiors. The main characteristic of the style that would make you opt for the right accessory are clean teak, walnut, oak and rosewood.

Change the light fixtures:

Before renovating your home to a mid-century modern design do a little research and explore the houses that are already patterned on the mid-century style. Observe what the common features of the style are. Lighting fixtures can help you to carry and implement the style in a more disciplined and organized way. Unique pendant light fixtures are not only functional indeed they  can add to the decor buy giving a look of sculptural art. Look around until you find the piece that calls your name, and find accessories that complement each other. Indeed, bold lighting is another must-have accessory to take your home back to the artistic era of 50's.

Add a bar cart to your living room decor:

What can be a better option than a bar cart to mix and serve the drinks in a formal gathering. A bar cart is actually a table on casters that not only give a mid-century modern look to your decor but also increases its functionality as you can easily well it form one room to another. Moreover, it can also serve as decor item to hold all those fancy wine glasses and shakers to give a classic touch to your decor.

Look for sunburst mirrors:

Mirrors are considered as the perfect decor accessory for any type of decor. Mirrors by reflecting light invert direction of your home keep it spacious and airy. The reflecting principle of the mirrors can aid you to add a wow factor to your decor just by placing them wisely where they can refeclt a beautiful backyard landscape by placing it opposite to a garden door or window. A sunburst mirror is a perfect accessory that shines mid-century into your home.

Add a rustic touch to your interior decor:

Giving a rustic touch is another smart way to incorporate mid-century look in your home decor. You can add a rustic touch by using juste to make some handmade decor accessories. It is there unfinished look that saves your goal of achieving the industrial look. You can also use aged metals accessories to get the desired look.

I want to give a huge thank you to Jane again for submitting this post to my blog, I truly enjoyed the content and working with her. We are happy to have you apart of the family!

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