Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 44



There is nothing better than some classic denim wear! Like come on that is 1. Its a staple item in every wardrobe. This something male and females need 100%. Like how can you not own a pair of denim jeans? Or a classic button up denim shirt? Its just not possible. Denim never goes out of style or our of season. So you're always on trend!

You can pair it with everything! Like seriously name one thing that doesnt look good when paired with some nice denim? You can't its just impossible.

I will actually be doing a blog post about some denim trends for the spring time this year! So definitely stay tuned for that. You can also check out other blog posts I've done in regards to all things denim here!

I would love you all's opinion on your favorite ways to wear denim or some ways to actually not wear denim!? Which honestly I don't know many ways of not to wear denim but thats why I'm leaving it up to you all ! let me know in the comments. Maybe you know something that I don't.. which I wouldn't find surprising lol.

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