The Furry Slides TREND


I know I'm not the only one whose noticed the crazy amount of love that this trend has been getting! Like seriously they can be spotted everywhere. In person, all over social media, celebrity and non celebrity. 

Some images are shop-able click & see !

In my personal opinion we definitely have to give credit to Rihanna for starting this huge revolution.

Like seriously am I right or am I right?

I am all for this trend to be completely honest with you. I know they're just slippers but to be honest they're cute as fuck lol. Now I actually don't own a pair of these but they seem to be extremely comfortable. I'd even consider wearing them during the winter! I know half of y'all are freaking out like what!? But let me explain... its simple throw on some socks! Duh!

Now I'm not saying wear them out when its -30 degrees outside and the snow is 2 feet tall but you get the point.

I really think there needs to be a "male" version of these for all the trendy guys out there. I would definitely rock them honestly. But with that being said I've spotted some guys wearing them female slides & it looked just fine sooo... hmm?

Below I have shared some pictures that link to places where you can buy the item and below I've shared some of the ways people have been styling them!



Nordstrom has a TON

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