Must Have Monday


Happy Monday!

How was everyone's week and weekend? Good? Bad? Well I hope it was fantastic. It came and went in a blink of an eye for me. But at least its Monday and we get another must have Monday right!?

So I honestly have not been doing a lot of shopping because lately because I've really been trying to not spend a ton of money especially if its on stuff that I don't need ya know? I will definitely be back out to get some new things to add to my life eventually though lol.

First up on the list today is from H & M! I love this printed motif shirt! The creme color makes it so universal and it can be worn literally almost anything! Plus its from hm so its definitely going to be excellent material. Trust me I have quite a few items from them.

Now I am absolutely obsessed with accessories! I seriously don't go a single day without wearing all my go-to jewels and when I do forget them sometimes I feel so like empty and incomplete. My favorite accessory to wear, well one of them bracelets. They are so fun and add character to your look. I always find great ones like these from different stores around. Here's some more from Aldo & forever 21!

So has anyone else noticed the trend with these pop socket phone accessory things. I have been seeing a ton of people sporting them on social media lately, like lauryn evarts from TSC and at first I was like? That is the dumbest shit ever like who would buy that? *clears throat* well now I want one lol. On the plus side I honestly can see where it would come in handy. Just think about it how many time has your phone slipped out of your hand? Especially if you're like me and don't have a case on your phone..or if you have a larger device? So umm yeah amazon here I come! Here's the link for the psychedelic alien one! Which I'm definitely getting.

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