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So I am a huge supporter of using face scrubs, face masks, etc. I think its always good too have a regime of cleaning your face with great products. So today I wanted to curate a blog post centered around all things beauty, specifically in the face area lol.

There are so many products out there that I've been hearing great reviews on and some stuff that I've always wanted to try.

This first product is one that I have seen many, many influencers and you-tubers do reviews on. The 24k Gold Face Mask by Peter Thomas. Now this face mask is a whopping $80! The product is described as "An ultimate luxurious anti aging treatment featuring 24k gold colloidal gold."

What its suppose to do? Improve the appearance of fine line and wrinkles for a youthful looking complexion. This is one that I'm definitely interested in.

Okay so this one is very interesting and I'm honestly dying to try it! It's the Milky Piggy Bubble Clay Mask. I've included a video below to give you all a visual of what exactly its suppose to do and look like. When I did my little snooping around on the internet for this product I saw a lot of mixed reviews. People loved it and said the aftermath was great & some hated it and said it didn't work. But hey everyone's opinion is different so definitely try it for yourself.

Check out this video review

Have you ever heard of mood rings, well what about mood masks!? Crazy right? I know, let me explain. So the MustaeV Mood Therapy Masks (from forever21 btw) comes in a four pack and there are 4 different "moods" and each do a different task.

1. Joy Mask (Grapefruit & Lemon)
2. Sadness Mask (Jasmine, Lily, & Orange Blossom)
3. Anger Mask (Orange & Apple)
4. Pleasure Mask (Apple, Lemon, & Muguet)

Okay so this G9 Skin 3D Volume Gum Mask seems hella interesting! Like gum for your face? At least thats what I thought it meant when I read the name of it lol. Its actually a black air sheet mask that has a gum-like texture. So I'm assuming its going to be like sticky maybe? Stretchy?

This mask contains a ton of different extracts including ivy, green tea chia seed, hibiscus flower leaf extract, pine sprout extract, to sum it up a bunch of healthy shit thats great for the skin. I love a good face mask thats filled with natural ingredients it just makes the skin feel and look flawless.

I can't wait to try these products out, and I hope you all will as well! If you have anymore masks that you love or recommend leave me a comment! :)

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