Face Scrubs & Face Masks I Want To Try


So I am a huge supporter of using face scrubs, face masks, etc. I think its always good too have a regime of cleaning your face with great products. So today I wanted to curate a blog post centered around all things beauty, specifically in the face area lol.

There are so many products out there that I've been hearing great reviews on and some stuff that I've always wanted to try.

This first product is one that I have seen many, many influencers and you-tubers do reviews on. The 24k Gold Face Mask by Peter Thomas. Now this face mask is a whopping $80! The product is described as "An ultimate luxurious anti aging treatment featuring 24k gold colloidal gold."

What its suppose to do? Improve the appearance of fine line and wrinkles for a youthful looking complexion. This is one that I'm definitely interested in.

Okay so this one is very interesting and I'm honestly dying to try it! It's the Milky Piggy Bubble Clay Mask. I've included a video below to give you all a visual of what exactly its suppose to do and look like. When I did my little snooping around on the internet for this product I saw a lot of mixed reviews. People loved it and said the aftermath was great & some hated it and said it didn't work. But hey everyone's opinion is different so definitely try it for yourself.

Check out this video review

Have you ever heard of mood rings, well what about mood masks!? Crazy right? I know, let me explain. So the MustaeV Mood Therapy Masks (from forever21 btw) comes in a four pack and there are 4 different "moods" and each do a different task.

1. Joy Mask (Grapefruit & Lemon)
2. Sadness Mask (Jasmine, Lily, & Orange Blossom)
3. Anger Mask (Orange & Apple)
4. Pleasure Mask (Apple, Lemon, & Muguet)

Okay so this G9 Skin 3D Volume Gum Mask seems hella interesting! Like gum for your face? At least thats what I thought it meant when I read the name of it lol. Its actually a black air sheet mask that has a gum-like texture. So I'm assuming its going to be like sticky maybe? Stretchy?

This mask contains a ton of different extracts including ivy, green tea chia seed, hibiscus flower leaf extract, pine sprout extract, to sum it up a bunch of healthy shit thats great for the skin. I love a good face mask thats filled with natural ingredients it just makes the skin feel and look flawless.

I can't wait to try these products out, and I hope you all will as well! If you have anymore masks that you love or recommend leave me a comment! :)

Must Have Monday


These weeks are just flying by aren't they?

But here we are yet again with another Must Have Monday

So something that's really on trend


In particular velvet blazers! This is very on trend right now and will definitely be seen a lot more in the winter time. Of course whose going to wear a velvet blazer when its 90 degrees outside? Not me!

But yes you definitely want one of these bad boys for this season. Now of course there are the high end brand blazers you can get this season. Like MANGO, or you can go very very high end and go with something from Saint Laurent. which this one is actually sold out! Now if you want a more budget friendly-ish blazer check this one out from asos.

Btw if you're going to be shopping at forever 21 be sure to use code EXTRA30 for an extra 30% off all sale items!

Like I know for sure I will be using it to get this olive colored bomber jacket! First off I'd like to say I love olive green! Its absolutely one of my favorite shades of green and second of all I have been in need of a bomber jacket since forever. Not only do I love the color but the other thing that has really got me wanting this jacket is are the patches! That has been a huge trend lately and I need this in my life pronto.

So I have been on the hunt for a iPhone 7+ case for my phone and I have a perfect one for me! Its the incipio case & I got in the clear/grey color. I actually bought mine from sprint but the one I have linked to is actually from was-mart. Which is way better because you get it cheaper than what I paid for it lol. Honestly the picture doesn't do the case justice, it looks way better in person. Plus I have the rose gold iPhone so it just slays.

So I recommend grabbing you one as well and slaying! You definitely won't be disappointed it's so sturdy and really keeps your phone protected but yet still stylish and cute.

Like isn't that what we all want? Lol. Protection + Stylish + Affordable!

Well I am going to keep things short and sweet for you all :) I hope your week is starting off in an amazing way. Last week was extremely exhausting for me so hopefully this week will be a lot better. I have high hopes so we shall see!

Until next week love you all so much and thanks as always for all the love and support you give me and the blog :) as well as my social media (Find all my social media here)

The Furry Slides TREND


I know I'm not the only one whose noticed the crazy amount of love that this trend has been getting! Like seriously they can be spotted everywhere. In person, all over social media, celebrity and non celebrity. 

Some images are shop-able click & see !

In my personal opinion we definitely have to give credit to Rihanna for starting this huge revolution.

Like seriously am I right or am I right?

I am all for this trend to be completely honest with you. I know they're just slippers but to be honest they're cute as fuck lol. Now I actually don't own a pair of these but they seem to be extremely comfortable. I'd even consider wearing them during the winter! I know half of y'all are freaking out like what!? But let me explain... its simple throw on some socks! Duh!

Now I'm not saying wear them out when its -30 degrees outside and the snow is 2 feet tall but you get the point.

I really think there needs to be a "male" version of these for all the trendy guys out there. I would definitely rock them honestly. But with that being said I've spotted some guys wearing them female slides & it looked just fine sooo... hmm?

Below I have shared some pictures that link to places where you can buy the item and below I've shared some of the ways people have been styling them!



Nordstrom has a TON

In honor of NYFWM ! - Street Style


I won't have a lot of text included in this post I just wanted to share some of the amazing trends and clothing spotted during New York Fashion Week-Mens! Lets hear it for all the male trendsetters out there! 

I'm loving it! + to be honest let's acknowledge all the different shades, sizes, and all kinds of men!

Now enough of me talking.. didn't I say there wasn't going to be much talking? Lol

It's all in the details
I need this shirt in my life! Just saying... That is what you call a #trend
Oh and this as well.. I mean just look at the print! & the color yes, yes

By the way just in case anyone was wondering what I look like on a Sunday morning? Well this is it ♥︎↓

Images C/o Tyler Joe

To see even more photos from fashion week & Tyler joe's images click here 
I also did another NYFW post in the beginning of this year be sure to check that out!

What was your favorite look ? Let me know in the comments
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Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 44



There is nothing better than some classic denim wear! Like come on that is 1. Its a staple item in every wardrobe. This something male and females need 100%. Like how can you not own a pair of denim jeans? Or a classic button up denim shirt? Its just not possible. Denim never goes out of style or our of season. So you're always on trend!

You can pair it with everything! Like seriously name one thing that doesnt look good when paired with some nice denim? You can't its just impossible.

I will actually be doing a blog post about some denim trends for the spring time this year! So definitely stay tuned for that. You can also check out other blog posts I've done in regards to all things denim here!

I would love you all's opinion on your favorite ways to wear denim or some ways to actually not wear denim!? Which honestly I don't know many ways of not to wear denim but thats why I'm leaving it up to you all ! let me know in the comments. Maybe you know something that I don't.. which I wouldn't find surprising lol.

Summer classes experience


So I have just finished my first day of classes!
See how it went and more down below!

Some of you may be a little confused, so let me bring you up to speed a little.

So its the first week of summer classes here at Tarrant county college where I am continuing my degree in journalism. I enrolled in summer classes a month or so ago and they started today! I have been anxiously waiting for this day to arrive. It has been a mix of excitement and nervousness all into one.

I have previously started my degree at another college but ended up not going back to that school for the spring semester. So I took spring off, and stayed out here in Arlington to finish things up. 

So let me tell you how it all went down!

Well actually the outfit.. lets get into that really quickly.

I didn't want to be "dressed up" necessarily for the first day, (but then again its me so of course I was.) I didn't do too much though so calm down. I just went with a denim on denim look, I apologize I don't have a link to the actual shirt because forever21 removed it from their website. See this post here though for the shirt.

Btw the picture you'll see of me down below isn't from the first day of school its actually the second, just in case you were a little confused by me saying I wore denim on denim.

But anyway... back to the topic at hand

It's summer classes so you don't have a full schedule of courses. Im only taking 2 classes, which is the most amount of hours you can take for the summer. I am enrolled in college algebra ( snore ) & federal government.

Here's a quick little screenshot of my schedule so you can get an idea of what it look like. Now remember this is only 2 classes because its summer.

Now I'm a little familiar with the campus so finding my way around wasn't that hard so that was a plus.

On top of that my two classes are literally right by each other lol. I didn't realize it until I looked at my schedule and was like oh my gosh. As you can see from the photo one class is in RM 1304 & the other is in RM 1309.. so getting from class to class was definitely a breeze.

While walking around campus I actually ran into a friend! We attended high school together so it was funny seeing each other!

My classes so far have been good, I can already tell that my math class is going to kick my ass.. algebra? nah thats not for me.. math in general isn't for me, unless its simple math then I got you all day lol.

Inside my math class

I sit in the back of the class because well... math isn't really my favorite subject. I still get it done though so that's all that matters.

Was having a blush moment for the day :) Let me just say that I freaking LOVE this shirt! I picked it up at at forever 21 and ever since I bought I couldn't wait to wear it out! At first I was kinda iffy on getting it because I didn't think the color would be flattering on me but then I tried it on and was like this is definitely going home with me! It's so lightweight, super easy breezy and the perfect color.

Btw doesn't it just screams Lauryn Evarts aesthetic ! Lol, I love TSC

The view in the hallway waiting for my government class to start. I'm normally there early from leaving work around 11 and my class isn't until 12:10 so I'm good lol.

BTW: My government professor is freaking amazing! 1. She's smart as hell and very intelligent and informative. (She's an actual attorney) like come on now, can you say educated! Lol but I truly enjoy entering her class every time and I walk away with more knowledge not just about government but things that will help life in general.

So I'm always the first one to arrive into class, usually me an one other student.

So fast forward, class is over and I go to my little spot by the lounge area which houses the subway, vending machines, etc. I like to go here because its relaxing, quiet (most of the time) and I feel great in the environment. So if you're looking for me find me here after class, and I'm usually here until my next class starts which is the boring one. Algebra is my enemy. That being said I do like my classmates though. Does that help?

When I head to class, usually being the first one there I get out my notebook and pencil while everyone else arrives. The professor of the class is sometimes late like the on the first day of class, but other than that he does okay with time.

Halfway through the class I'm not going to lie I'm kind of mentally out of it because it is a lot of material to cover and a lot of things to remember. Plus it doesn't help that he is fast! Like damn can I write down the problem and answer before you move on to the next situation! The struggle be REAL in my math class trust me. But what else is new?

Class ends and I head on home for the day well night actually  and usually go straight to find something to eat because I'm hungry like all the time. Especially after that class because I don't eat before  sometimes. But anyway.. I got work to do and things to finish so I will catch you all next week! Enjoy your weekend & be safe!  ♥︎

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 43


Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

With it being 4th of July I wanted to dedicate today's post to exactly that! Lots of red, white, and blue to celebrate with you all even though we aren't exactly "together" on this day.

Fourth would definitely have to be one of my favorite holidays. Celebrating our freedom and enjoying fireworks in the night sky.

I cant wait to attend the Fourth of July parade that happens every year. It's always fun to see all the different organizations, schools, dance teams and everyone else in the parade route. The only thing I will be disliking is the heat. Now that, I am definitely not prepared for lol.

Just ready for lots of great food, plenty of food actually, & just a grand ole time!

I hope everyone has a great fourth of July! Party, have fun, but most importantly be safe!

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