Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 41


Okay seriously my blush obsession is here to fucking stay lol.

Like some of you may be tired of it, from my Instagram, the blog, etc but it's just awesome and I love it. It's all about aesthetic and being creative... but anyway I'm not here to explain why I love blush so much so lets move on.

Some of you may be thinking ummm... Josh? Blush really? Yes blush really lol. I don't think there should be any limitations on color, aesthetic, etc. Ya know what I mean? Like it's just a color damn lighten up. Like I always say I want my blog to be a place for everyone & everything. It's a platform to share my love for fashion, writing etc.

Everything I do with my blog, there is a purpose and a reason for it. I appreciate every single one of my readers who truly love what I do and read my content. It's honestly a pleasure to create new content for you all to read every week!

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  1. But this post is anazingly honest and I love it! Btw, me is kinda blush obsessed for quite some time. One of the rare shades that has broad range of creative use.


  2. Omg I am totally going through a blush moment (that I also think will stay) too! It is such a pretty color!

    Denise | https://denisegrace.blogspot.com


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