My Trip to the Dallas World Aquarium


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What an amazing day this was! My very first time visiting the Dallas world aquarium and I must say I definitely enjoyed my visit. To see all the beautiful animals, from sharks, to snakes, to even crabs it was just a really fun experience.

My friend & beauty YouTuber Benet' check out her channel, invited me along with her just to have a day out and have some fun. It was a day full of fun for sure.

It was HOT as hell though! lol that's my only negative I would say. I was just like oh my lord just keep me out of the heat! Lol but we had so much fun and truly enjoyed ourselves.

I was literally only wearing my overalls and a sleeveless shirt and I was still hot! That's a problem.. but of course its Texas what else do you expect?

Like I said this was my first time being at an aquarium so I was like a little kid in a candy store for the first time lol. Except the candy was a bunch of different beautiful creatures and animals. I had to go see my favorite animal the white tiger! Oh my gosh I don't know what it is but I just have a thing about tigers, and white ones specifically! They are just so majestic and beautiful and if I could legally own one I would.

Until it gets too big then i'd give it up cause I'm not trying to die. lol

The aquarium wasn't as big as it looked like which I was really disappointed about!

Once you go around both areas indoor and outdoor that's pretty much it! But it was still a great experience and tons of fun.

Upon leaving we were hungry... so we went and ate at one of my favorites, steak & shake. They have the best shakes you guys! Ugh like seriously. My favorite one is the recess cup one, because if you know me, well you know I'm obsessed with recess everything! So its heaven for me.

I will definitely be back to visit again sometime and I definitely recommend if you're in the area to stop on bye and visit you won't be disappointed.

Plus I got to see dory from finding nemo! lol Just keep swimming...

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