Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 40


Welcome to another great Tumblr Tuesday, I hope everyone's week is starting off great and if not just keep pushing and all will come to pass. 


I swear I can't stand an unorganized desk it kills me when things are all over the place and just looks a mess. Like how can you get anything done when your environment is atrocious you know? So today I'm here doing something a little different. 

I will be sharing my desk goals - what I hope to get mine looking like someday. Keyword "someday".

So I definitely love to keep the same aesthetic and theme throughout. So for example if you check out my home decor page you can get a feel for what kind of style I go for. With that in mind for my desk I would keep it very clean, minimal with pops of color. I don't like a whole bunch of distractions when I'm at my desk because I'm there to do work. Whether that work be for the blog, school, my job etc I like to stay focused.

Now trust me my desk isn't always cute and tidy because when its time to get down to business, or I'm doing a million things at once it can get crazy. I get what I need done and then organize it later. I'm sure a lot of my fellow college students can relate. When that work is due at 11:59 pm and its already 10:30 pm its time to hustle lol. 

For all my college students out there reading this post, stay organized  seriously because that will make things a lot easier if you are, or it will be a lot more difficult if you are someone who isn't as organized. With all the different work to do, classes, extra curricular you need some type of system to keep track of it all. For me my calendar in my iPhone is a lifesaver! Plus its synced with my computer so I always know whats going on. With my busy schedule I must stay organized or I would either get behind on work or lose my job and I can't have either one of those things happen.

Another great recommendation is google calendar for sure. It's very easy to use and plus you can view it online, the app, and everything syncs together. All information and dates in one place.

So yes organization is definitely key and it starts with your desk, and your workspace.

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  1. Love these minimal desk idea, i'm not really a well-organized person but i'm working for that <3

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