Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 39


Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all's week is going great so far!

You all ready for this fantastic Tumblr Tuesday!?

Let's Dive Right In Shall We?

Today I am here to support the males! Yes let's go men!

There's just something about when you see a male that's dressed nice, and especially when its a man of color. Not to say any other race is any different, but will the stigma with african american men being presented or looking a certain way, when you see someone who is dressed dapper and looks well (like in the photos above) some people look at you like what's going on with him?

Presentation is everything and how you carry yourself is huge tie into your character and personality.

But yeah, I just think male fashion is so iconic and with todays' day & age its literally evolving every single day and becoming that more fun, vintage and overall different. I am living for it!

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