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TTF Est. May 31st, 2016

Shirt: Forever21 Jeans: Vintage Shoes: Aldo Similar Here Necklace: Hot Topic  Rings: Earthbound Beaded Bracelets: Earthbound

It just blows my mind that I have had my blog That Trendy Fellow for a year now! Now I know for all the bloggers that have been doing this for a while are probably like come on josh thats nothing, but for me this is HUGE!

For me it shows my dedication and love for my craft to maintain and improve it all the time.

To be able to keep producing content and material that people are actually enjoying and I 'm receiving great feedback from, I couldn't ask for anything more. Like I aways say I'm here to inspire others and use my platform to help.

I just want thank every single person who has supported me and this journey of doing this because you all truly keep me going.

Now what about this outfit though! Oh My Gosh I am obsessed. Like number #1 I'm wearing denim on denim which is one of my absolute favorite trends. So universal and something that never goes out of style. Btw this denim shirt has been my latest favorite item! I got it like a week ago and have already worn it more than one time.

From the way that it fits, to the little details like the sleeves, the hem, the zippers. It's just perfect. I definitely could not leave it hanging in forever 21 lol.

I have so much more planned for the blog and plenty of content coming soon that I can't wait to share with you all! Let's continue to grow TTF even more!

Much love xoxo

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 40


Welcome to another great Tumblr Tuesday, I hope everyone's week is starting off great and if not just keep pushing and all will come to pass. 


I swear I can't stand an unorganized desk it kills me when things are all over the place and just looks a mess. Like how can you get anything done when your environment is atrocious you know? So today I'm here doing something a little different. 

I will be sharing my desk goals - what I hope to get mine looking like someday. Keyword "someday".

So I definitely love to keep the same aesthetic and theme throughout. So for example if you check out my home decor page you can get a feel for what kind of style I go for. With that in mind for my desk I would keep it very clean, minimal with pops of color. I don't like a whole bunch of distractions when I'm at my desk because I'm there to do work. Whether that work be for the blog, school, my job etc I like to stay focused.

Now trust me my desk isn't always cute and tidy because when its time to get down to business, or I'm doing a million things at once it can get crazy. I get what I need done and then organize it later. I'm sure a lot of my fellow college students can relate. When that work is due at 11:59 pm and its already 10:30 pm its time to hustle lol. 

For all my college students out there reading this post, stay organized  seriously because that will make things a lot easier if you are, or it will be a lot more difficult if you are someone who isn't as organized. With all the different work to do, classes, extra curricular you need some type of system to keep track of it all. For me my calendar in my iPhone is a lifesaver! Plus its synced with my computer so I always know whats going on. With my busy schedule I must stay organized or I would either get behind on work or lose my job and I can't have either one of those things happen.

Another great recommendation is google calendar for sure. It's very easy to use and plus you can view it online, the app, and everything syncs together. All information and dates in one place.

So yes organization is definitely key and it starts with your desk, and your workspace.

Guest Post By Julie Austin! - Bedroom Decor


5 Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Extra Stylish!

Bedroom Decor comes with tons of options to choose from. That's why sometimes we find it a bit difficult to choose the right kind of accessories. However, online shopping has made it a bit convenient for us to buy the best bargains especially when it comes to making expensive investments like interior designing and home decor.

Having a personalized and comfortable bedroom is nothing short of a blessing. Your bedroom should display an aura of maximum comfort and luxury so that you feel at ease while spending quality time with yourself and with your loved ones.

Bedroom decor covers a lot of accessories. Ranging from furnishing items to lighting equipment from  bookracks to wooden flooring from carpets and rugs to beddings and from natural plantations to decorative items; everything that you will add to your bedroom decor should be durable so that it will go a long way in giving it the perfectly stylish look that it deserves.

Apart from the internal storage and space; budget constraints is the most common factor which refrains us from decorating our bedrooms as per our hearts' desire. Here availing herself of the latest discount deals and offers will give you a lot of budget-friendly choices to choose from, thus, giving your bedroom a chic look.


A bedroom without having the right kind of furnishing accessories in it is as incomplete as it can be. Therefore, it is important to equip your bedroom with furniture which will be useful for atleast 5 years or so.

Since, furnishing items are not going to be replaced that often, you should never compromise on its quality. Go for leather-made furniture as they are very much in fashion and can add maximum grace to your bedroom décor.


Gone are the days when plain colored cushions were considered to be the only option available for bedroom décor. The trend has tremendously developed worldwide and now you can opt for customized designs of cushions in beautiful color patterns of your choice.

Moreover, combinations of black and white cushion sets are also available in the market and they look absolutely beautiful.


How about giving your bedroom a more elegant look without making much effort about it? Adding frilled curtains to its decor will do just the same for you.

Available in beautiful and eye-catching colors; you can go for frilled curtains with matching net and see how they transform the entire ambiance of your bedroom to a more stylish one in no time.


Beddings play a vital role in changing the decor of any bedroom to a more stylish outlook. These days, bold and dark colored beddings are very much on trend.

Go for a super awesome pair of red comforter sheets today with matching cushions and contrasting pillow sets to give your bedroom an ultimate romantic ambiance.


Having a stylish vintage-themed bookrack will give your bedroom a unique and more intellectual look. Moreover, it will add style and grace to its decor as well.

You will be having of your favorite books lined up in beautiful arrangement as you add a bookshelf to your bedroom decor. Go for some innovative styles of bookshelves by checking out discount deals on them today!

Author Bio: This post was written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating. and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs over on 

Must Have Monday


So I have been seriously slacking on doing these ! I don't know why, but I do know I need to get it together lol. Like seriously my last one was way back here.

Anyway... lets get into today's post!

So if you know me, then you know I love phone cases! Like I'm seriously going to have to do a post on my collection of cases because its pretty hefty. So I just recently got a new one! And let me tell you I'm already obsessed with it. It's durable, chic, doesn't add any weight to my phone, and I got it at a fantastic price.

Now I couldn't find the exact one online so I turned to old reliable amazon and found one similar for you all to see, so you can at least get the idea of what it looks like.

So I have been on the hunt for another denim jacket for the longest, and specifically one in a different shade. The one I currently have is a medium to dark shade one from rue 21 so I want something different. I spotted this acid wash denim jacket from Forever 21 and fell in love! Its just the right shade, hopefully the fit is really good is well, but forever 21 usually does really well with there fit.

So this jacket is definitely a must have to include in my wardrobe *adds to bag* 

So I have a confession I have never shopped at ASOS! There website, store, nothing! I have always heard of the brand and I actually really love them but have never purchased anything. Well I have been roaming on their site more lately and have come across quite a few things I'm obsessing over. Currently its there accessories! Like oh my gosh are you kidding me!? I want it all.

So lately I've been on this kick of obsessing over bracelets! I love to wear watches, bracelets, etc on my wrist. Like I feel incomplete and will literally turn all the way around and go home if I leave without putting my accessories on. I spotted these stunning beauties while roaming around amazon and I need to order them like pronto!

Anyone else agree? Aren't they gorgeous !?

I seriously need every single item mentioned in today's post! I just can't deal I'm obsessed.

Well any-who I hope everyone had a great Monday and started this week off on a great start! If not lets make Tuesday even better than today! See ya tomorrow for tumblr tuesday!

Q & A Collab with Morgan Jorgensen of Prosecco & Projects


I want to first say a huge thank you to Morgan for collaborating with me on this post! We decided to do a Favorites type of post but in a q & a format!

*All responses provided by Morgan herself!*

Give her a follow on Instagram ♥︎

  • What made you want to create your site
" I originally started as a way to share my recipes and crafts with my close friends and family. I quickly learned that there is a much larger population that is interested as well and shifted focus. I re-branded and my creative passion was in full force. Every comment and like warms my heart. I am shocked that people want to hear what I have to say. Thankful is an understatement."

  • Are there any bloggers/influencers that inspire you?
"So many! Where do I start? Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, creators of A Beautiful Mess. Joy Wilson- Author, Photographer, and Donut Enthusiast, but most importantly the creator of joy the Baker. Of course Lauryn Evarts- Creator of The Skinny Confidential. I anyone not inspired by her? She is so relatable."

  • What motivates you to continue blogging?
"The interaction with readers. I am blown away by the positive comments. With every notification that I get a like, comment, or follow I literally thank you in my head."

  • What are some tips for making your content better?
"Pay attention to what people like. Not just on your blog but in life! Share your opinion on trending topics while staying true to yourself. Also, keep it clean and simple. My strategy is to keep useful content compact and make it etc catching."

  • How do you ensure that you never run out of new content to post?
"My mind is always on to the next thing. I keep a list of ideas on my phone and prioritize  them based on my current passion. The list is long... I will never run out of ideas."

  • What is something as a blogger that has helped you grow your brand and blog?
"Collaborations like this. Building up a team of people like you that are supportive and want to build each other up!"

  • Tell us what a day in the life of Prosecco and Projects looks like?
"I wake up and do the same morning routine every day, then its off to my 9-5 (more like 7-5), when I am off I start blogging, I pause to have dinner with my boyfriend and then its back to blogging."

  • Summer is quickly approaching where will we find you on a Saturday afternoon?
"Probably on my patio with a fun cocktail reading a book. Or hiking, Oregon is so beautiful and there is so much to explore here."

  • Anything you want our readers to know about you?
"Follow your passion and don't stop. Do it for yourself and the rest will follow!"

Shopping for Mom this Mother's Day


Click images to shop!

For all the mom's that love their beauty products!

Get her this adorable MOTHER'S DAY TOTE from Bath & Body Works!


So Forever 21 kind of disappointed me at first because I was like... ummm? Where are the deals? Turns out I was just early and now they have updated their website with more Mother's Day deals. They have an amazing 70% off going on! That is just crazy! They already have great prices so just imagines 70% off on top of that !? This is amazing.

Click this link and shop all of F21! <-- This will definitely be something not to miss.

That being said there are plenty of other deals that you definitely want shop for your mom as well!

Help mom stay on trend with this off the shoulder dress! Just the right amount of sex appeal but still age appropriate.

Here's a Chiffon Blush Pink top that would be perfect for the summer and spring time! She will be sure to turn heads with this bad boy!

In a mom's wardrobe there has to be those go-to denim jeans that she can just throw on and look fierce. Now don't get these confused with " mom jeans " which can be unflattering if you ask me. These adorable boyfriend jeans are very on trend and actually help mom look beautiful.

Head to Macy's for their Mother's Day Gifts- Gift Guide! Macy's currently has tons of great deal perfect for mom this mothers day!

Get her this gorgeous pink apple watch ! What if she doesn't know what to wear for her special day yet? This Maison Jules Embroidered Off-The-Shoulder Dress would be the perfect item! Classy, sassy, and the perfect look but also give a little sex appeal.


Now I think a lot of people don't realize that amazon is the shit.... Did you know? Because trust me I did.

They have so many deals for this mother's day and if I were to list them all we'd be here all night. I'll try and keep this short and to the point.. Maybe?

For all the coffee drinkers out there, get you a Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System it will make things 100% easier and quicker for when you're rushing out the door in the morning.

Since we're on the topic of kitchen items at the moment, let's mention this KitchenAid Custom Metallic Mixer! Isn't it just beautiful. I love to bake a cake every now & then so having this will be the process a breeze.

To see a TON of other deals for mom click here and shop away! By the way: Let me know if you all get anything, leave me a comment :)


Now what mom doesn't love to shine!

Mother's always love a nice pair of pearl earrings!? Keep it cute and classy this Mother's Day with these earrings from JCPenny!

Okay to insure that this post doesn't go on forever I am going to end it here lol but I hope everyone found this to be helpful and maybe you found something for mom.

To all the mother's out there I want to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ! 

All mom's are special and deserve their recognition not just on mothers day but everyday.

Well tomorrow is the big day ! I will see you all then! Btw: Let me know if you purchase anything in this post, glad I could help.

Until next time...

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 39


Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all's week is going great so far!

You all ready for this fantastic Tumblr Tuesday!?

Let's Dive Right In Shall We?

Today I am here to support the males! Yes let's go men!

There's just something about when you see a male that's dressed nice, and especially when its a man of color. Not to say any other race is any different, but will the stigma with african american men being presented or looking a certain way, when you see someone who is dressed dapper and looks well (like in the photos above) some people look at you like what's going on with him?

Presentation is everything and how you carry yourself is huge tie into your character and personality.

But yeah, I just think male fashion is so iconic and with todays' day & age its literally evolving every single day and becoming that more fun, vintage and overall different. I am living for it!

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