Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 38



It feels like summer right around the corner! It really is if you really think about it. Folks will be graduating from college, high school etc. I can't wait for the summer to get here because I have a lot planned and a lot to do. Bring it on!

 I know you're probably like okay get on with it Josh...

Well I said all that to say... today's post is all things summer!

Summer is all about fun, tanning, food, snow cones and a bunch of other stuff.

Like I stated earlier in the post I have a lot planned this summer. Finishing my degree, completing my license information, etc I'm excited and honestly ready for it.

I wanted to keep this week's Tumblr Tuesday obviously all about summer so of course we had to showcase bathing suits, slushes, party vibes.

Everyone is still coming down from their festival high's lol Coachella, bohemian outfits etc. I am all for it and someday ill be apart of it all enjoying every moment just as I see everyone doing online and on Instagram.

I'm just ready for summer to be here so we can get the party started! Lol What is everyone's plans for summer this year? Vacation? School? Let me know in the common section and be sure to subscribe to the blog!

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