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I feel like I haven't done one of these in a while now! I feel bad I know I have been slacking but I'm getting my sh*t together for you guys & gals. Consistency is everything.

So let's dive into this post shall we?

Y'all know how I feel about marble print items, I'm obsessed. If you didn't know, well now you know. So the first item is of course this marble print leminimo slim flexible shockproof case from amazon! I have actually been wanting a marble case for my iPhone 6s for a while now. Ever since I got the phone to be exact. I just think marble is so classy and very chic that's why I love all things marble print. Plus Ive been needing a new phone case anyway.

These jeans thoughNeed I say more? I absolutely adore distressed jeans in general but plus this color is so different and so unique. I am in loveeeee! Plus they're from one of my favorites, forever21 of course. You all know I have done countless Must Have Monday's with forever 21's product in it.

Like seriously they should sponsor me just saying.... lol
So I already own like a couple of H&M's long tees, but what do you do when you love an item so much? You buy it a second time...

They are just so extremely comfortable and you can just throw it on when you're in a hurry or really didn't plan your outfit. For examine my white shirt that I got from them, I absolutely love it because the fabric is extremely soft and easy to wear. So for sure I want to add this one to my collection lol. Plus it comes in like 5 different colors and lets just say I want it in each color.

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