100 Things to do this summer!


I love a good list post! I have done a couple on the blog. Make sure to check out the list category to see all the other ones. Well here's another one to add to the collection lol.

It will be summer before you know it, trust me its already starting to feel like it outside!

Are you all excited!?  Me personally not looking forward to the Texas heat. Ugh, that's going to be a killer but other than that bring it on! For me it's definitely going to be a productive one. I can't wait to share a lot more content with you all this summer and hopefully a graduation!

In today's post I'm here to help make sure you never get bored during these beautiful summer days.
Sit back,  and grab a snack, because we might be here for a while.

  1. Go Bowling
  2. Take a trip to the beach - my first visit to a beach was in this post
  3. Visit the nearest zoo
  4. Go fishing 
  5. Make Lemonade
  6. Cookies for friends
  7. Movie night
  8. Go to a parade
  9. Jam at a musc festival
  10. Travel out of state/country
  11. Sleep in a tint
  12. Volleyball
  13. Flashlight Tag
  14. Visit Botanical Gardens
  15. Go on a scavenger hunt
  16. Ice cube painting
  17. Drive in movie
  18. Breakfast for dinner
  19. Make popsicles
  20. Play pool
  21. Roller Blading
  22. Outdoor movie party
  23. Arcade trip
  24. Pick Wildflowers
  25. Go for a Hike
  26. Tell ghost stories
  27.  Make S'mores - Here's a tutorial on how!
  28. Do some volunteer work
  29. Go Birdwatching
  30. Volunteer somewhere in your hometown or near city
  31. Climb a tree
  32. Build a campfire
  33. Camp in the backyard
  34. Go stargazing
  35. Eat/Make macaroons- I've always wanted to try these
  36. Learn a different language other then your own- Try Rosetta Stone maybe?
  37. Go see a play/musical 
  38. Do a walking tour of your city- or be lazy like me and take a car lol
  39. Travel to a different state/country
  40. Play 'Simon Says'
  41. Watch fireworks
  42. Visit your nearest aquarium
  43. Have a water fight- its not summer without one of these!
  44. Go Thrifting- haven't done this in a couple years now.
  45. Build a blanket fort
  46. Write a letter to someone you miss or even to just a friend of yours
  47. Tour a factory
  48. Draw on the sidewalk
  49. Take a cooking class
  50. Look at fireworks
  51. Visit a nursing home
  52. Have a blockparty
  53. Go kayaking 
  54. Go to an amusement park
  55. Visit A Winery
  56. Go Apple Picking
  57. Play in the rain - which is actually something I've always wanted to do lol..
  58. Use chalk to decorate your street's sidewalk
  59. Have a garage sale
  60. Learn to knit/sew
  61. Go see the orchestra
  62. See a play/musical/production
  63. Eat something you've never had before
  64. Make homemade ice-cream 
  65. Movie on the lawn with friends/family
  66. Attend a carnival 
  67. Soccer match
  68. Play in the sprinklers
  69. March in a parade- Fourth of July will be here before you know it!
  70. Ride in a boat
  71. Go to a lake
  72. Visit a historical site
  73. Visit the Sixth Floor Museum- where JFK was assassinated Here's a link for more info!
  74. Do some gardening
  75. Go for a bike ride
  76. Make smoothies- Here are some recipes from Pinterest!
  77. Do some yoga
  78. Go to a dude ranch
  79. Try going on a sailing trip
  80. Hot air balloon ride - now this would be extremely fun & maybe scary
  81. Get a tan - this is a no brainer for most people
  82. Take a TON of photos, these memories have to last forever
  83. Have a pajama party with some friends
  84. Go zip-lining - ugh I'd be freaking out the entire time but I'd try it
  85. Find a 4 leaf clover
  86. Build a birdhouse
  87. Make homemade ice cream
  88. Make homemade lemonade while you're at it
  89. Read a book you've always wanted to read but never had the time! - Now you have plenty
  90. Try Sprinkles Cupcakes! Oh my gosh I've been wanting one for forever. This summer its happening. If you're in Texas there is one now in Austin, Dallas, Plano, & Houston
  91. Blow Bubbles - classic right?
  92. Try yoga in the park
  93. Throw a nice hot BBQ for your friends and family!
  94. Take a dip in the swimming pool
  95. Re-decorate/organize your house
  96. Take a nap in a hammock
  97. Clean up trash in your community- its always good to give back & volunteer!
  98. Make yourself a summer playlist
  99. Go ride a roller coaster and scream your lungs out
  100. To end the list with something cute and subtle, make a wish in a fountain. Maybe your wish will come true.

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  1. Love your list, maybe i have to make one for me too <3

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