Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 35


The way these photos just gel together! I'm #obsessed, and yes I just used a hashtag... get over it lol.

I just love this kind of minimalist/chic'/edgy aesthetic that it has.

It's giving me preppy vibes with the checkered vans and came backpack+ regal elegance with the red roses and classic chic' with the denim Tommy Hilfiger jackets. Which I need in my wardrobe like pronto.

I love a great story when it comes to photos andI think there is always something to be said in photos and that every picture has its own meaning and definition behind it.

For Example:
The rose is considered to be a symbol of balance, love, beauty. The beauty of the flower expresses hope and new beginnings. It's contrasted by thorns which symbolizes defense, loss and thoughtfulness.

Each colored rose has a different meaning to it as well which is really cool to me.

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