One Blazer 3 Different Ways


On today's post I will be taking one item, and styling it in three different ways. From a more casual look, to something a tad more business professional. The item I'm styling today is my favorite blazer!

Let's get into the first look:

Business Casual

With the first look I wanted to go with something on the more "laid back" side of things, so I chose a business casual look. That of my favorite things about a blazer is that it's so versatile! My favorite type of blazer is the one that you can take from day-to-night with no effort on your end lol.

That is exactly what I love about blazers in general and the blazer that I own because I can do exactly that with it. Plus you save money because its not like you need a different blazer for every different occasion ya know what I mean? Now hey I'm not saying don't have multiple ones for different occasions because you can definitely do that if you would like. I'm just saying wouldn't it be better to just have 1 or 2? Now that's just me... even though I have 3 lol.

Formal Attire

Okay formal looks would definitely have to my absolute favorite way to style a blazer. That may be like umm duh Josh blazers are more formal anyway. That being said some people actually like a more laid back casual look.

When shopping for a blazer there are certain things that I focus on:

 1) Is it something that I can dress up & dress down?
 2) How does it fit? Too tight, loose? 
3) The color, can it be a versatile one or more specific.
4) Of course last but definitely not least is the price

Once I narrow that down I come to the decision to if I'm going to purchase it or not.

With this blazer I was sold fairly quickly actually. It met all my standards and I just fell in love with it and like I said out of the three blazers I own this is definitely my favorite one.

There's just something that I love about being all dressed up in slacks, blazer, button up, bow-tie etc. I don't know maybe its just me? 

Casual Friday

When I'm for a more casual look and wearing a blazer the very first thing I do is grab a pair of jeans, that's one of the easiest ways to take that fancy blazer and drop it down a notch. I also like to go for a more casual blazer as well. Don't pull out your mink blazer, with fur on the hem, and then try and take it to look more casual. It just wont work because no matter what you wear as bottoms or underneath the blazer its still going to look dressy because the blazer is so fancy ya know.

Here are 3 different ways to take your look and turn it more casual.

1. Pair an oxford button up underneath your blazer. Oxford shirts can be more dressy and causal as well it just depends on the look you're going for. We are obviously going more casual so here's my tip. Be more casual on the bottom with a pair of nice denim jeans and dress shoes = perfect solution.

2. Try going for a polo shirt, like these found at jcpenny, instead of grabbing the button up shirt. This make everything much more relaxed and easy going. You can always make things look nice without having to go to the "extreme" if that makes since....

3. This next way I'm going to tell you about is something that I've always wanted to consider doing but have never got around to actually doing it. Pairing a nice v-neck tee shirt underneath your blazer. It has a distinct chic look to it. Definitely go with a v-neck instead of an o-neck tee because the v shape looks better with the lapels on the jacket. Now you can literally find a v-neck tee anywhere. Here's some places to consider: Here, here, here, and even here

Below are 3 diagrams showing the different styles of jacket you may want to go for depending on the look you're trying to establish.

The Suit Jacket

The Blazer Jacket

The Sport Jacket

Images C/o Theartofmanliness

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  1. Love this! I'm slightly obsessed with blazers myself, but unfortunately I only have one and I want more. Time to go shopping!


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