Must Have Monday


Oh my god these cuffed denim overall shorts are EVERYTHING! They look beyond comfortable and i love that they're in a lighter washed denim instead of dark denim. I have been on the hunt for another pair of overalls I've gotten tired of the ones I already own. i can just imagine all the ways that I would style these as well as all the different seasons they can be worn in.

So I just recently shopped at Old navy after it being literally forever since I had ever even stepped into one and saw some great items that I would definitely pick up. For example these cute shorts! I love a great pair of shorts especially if they're colored. Who likes a boring pair of bottoms? I sure the hell don't... These are so adorable as well and I can't wait to style them now that we'll be approaching summer soon! You just can't pass up a deal and cute clothing item you just can't.

Sidenote: BTW I hope all you spring breakers are enjoying your time off! Live it up while you can because it will be over before ya know it... trust me. Whose going out of town? Drinking? Well whatever you're doing let me know in the comments!

Now that I've gotten that out the way back to business....

Speaking of spring break and summer this jacket from Forever 21 is screaming it! This bright yellow is currently blinding me... and its on a computer screen that's how you know it's bright. Anyway, that being said I want it lol. Look at me criticize it then say I want it get it together Josh. But yes I really like it and actually love everything about it. What really sold me on it was that its a bomber jacket! Y'all know I'm a fan of a banging bomber jacket. So this will definitely be added to the bag at checkout.

Well thats all for today... as always much love ♥︎ I'll catch y'all tomorrow for..... well you now what tomorrow is I don't have to tell you its the same post every damn Tuesday lol

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