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By the title of this post I'm sure you're thinking what the hell is this going to be about? Lol I totally understand.

Today I wanted to do something different for you all and share some of my favorite Instagram accounts!

Don't be surprised as most of them that I mention are bloggers as well lol

I'll try to keep it not too long because trust me this post can go on forever,  there are so many favorites of mine

I created my Instagram a few years ago when I was in high school.. or was it jr high? Idk it's been a while all I can say is, I've had it for a while now. After many changes, unfollows, blocking people and making my instagram more fashion and "blog" based I wanted to tell you all who I obsess over lol. I follow plenty of bloggers, designers, stylists, you-tubers, friends of course etc.

Whether its there aesthetic/theme, there style, or just because I'm a fan, some of these accounts mentioned are definitely ones to watch out for. There aesthetic is perfection and it really draws you in to their page.

Let's Get Into My Favorite Accounts 

  • First on the list is the blush queen herself! Fellow blogger and stylist Kasey of I was immediately obsessed with her and her blog when I came across her Instagram page on the "people to follow" page on instagram. I immediately drawn into her style, classy look, and of course all the blush beauty going on.
  • Courtney Kerr! Ugh there is so much I could say. She is truly my inspiration and a overall great person. I found Courtney & her blog  a long time ago. She's actually one of the very first blogs I started reading back when I never even knew there was professional bloggers lol. A Dallas girl with impeccable style and class. I love how quirky she is and her bubbly personality. You just need to experience her for yourself to understand.

  • With her clean and crisp pictures I just knew I had to be following her! Mackenzie, or @macmac95 Instagram immediately drew me in to follow her. I found her Instagram from another blogger's page and I have been a fan of hers ever since.

  • He's a YouTuber & I'm pretty sure he qualifies as being "Instagram famous". Damon Rodgers is a college football player who I first found randomly on social media, I first started to really notice and follow him when he was making vine videos. Check out a vine compilation video here.. from way back then. Hilarious, and extremely down to earth I always looked up to him as inspiration.I now follow him on Instagram, snapchat, subscribed to his YT channel. So I guess you could say I'm a fan. Definitely recommend following if you want a little inspiration and a lot of laughter.

  • From his impeccable style, to his amazing aesthetic and photography Justin Livingston just captures you when you see his work. I know thats what happened to me when I first discovered him and his blog I have been hooked ever since. Justin is truly one of my favorite male bloggers. He just seems like one of those people you can always talk to and have a lot of fun with. I would love to work with him someday.. I guy can always dream right?

  • Yet another blogger whose aesthetic just slays me every time! I am obsessed. Marianna Hewitt. From her Instagram feed to her blog Life With Me everything is so polished and well thought out. She is known for her minimal and blush aesthetic. You definitely know Marianna when you see her or her content.

  • Anybody else been obsessed with Ashley since those high school musical days a looonngg time ago!? That is so me. Its funny because Ashley is nothing like her character when she portrayed "Sharpay Evans".  Fast forward now she has a fantastic Youtube channel and her cosmetic line called "Illuminate Cosmetics by Ashley"Check out the website here and get some products!

  • 1/2 of the Harris Twins Jamison is a huge inspiration for me. From his views on life to his amazing and unique sense of fashion. You should see his twin brother Jonta' as well is just as stylish! A double dose of fashion, it doesn't get any better.
Now like I said I can go on forever with my favorite Instagram accounts lol. I don't want you all to be sitting here reading and scrolling through this post all day.. unless you want to?

Give these amazing people a follow if you would like! You can follow me on Instagram as well @thattrendyfellow 

Comment your Instagram below so I can give you a follow back! :)

Until next time...

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  1. AH these are all amazing.... and then I look at my little account. It seriously could be a full-time job to curate an instagram. Thanks for sharing :)

    xx, Pia


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