Guest Post with Claire Ashley: 5 Casual Style Tips for Men!


Causal Styling Tips For Men

All info provided by Claire Ashley herself & in her own words!

As I sit back sipping on my evening tea while watching a reality show on Style 360, I have this sudden urge of writing an article on 5 Casual Style Tips For Men. I want to make this as productive as possible, as I believe that there is a dire need for all men out there to read it thoroughly.

Pulling off maturity in dressing to reflect masculinity and respect in attire requires brain power.  Let's get to see what could be the top 5 casual style tips for all the men out there. If you want to be spotted in public as fashionista, this article is for you then!

Graphic Tees are not for men:

You can dress in casual jackets but graphic tees must not be our pick. Men should be very clear that dressing casual doesn't mean they start dressing up like teenagers. The graphic tees teenagers wear isn't supposed to be worn by men, unless you are a teenager yourself.

Try reflecting maturity and masculinity in your attire. One way of doing so is by wearing solid, one-color t-shirts or striped tees. This is how you can pull off the "David Beckham" look.

Jackets, Coats, and Blousons (Blouse Jacket):

Here are mentioned some of the trendy things real fashionista men wear these days- something you might not have but probably should as they are the IN thing. These include pea coats, overcoats, blousons, duffle coats (attractive for their uniqueness). Barbour jackets, and leather jackets.

If you have a blouson, with a narrow waist, inspired by WWII field jacket, you can pull off a casual look in a classy way. All you would be needing is a one-color T-shirt with a blouson and you are good to rock your evening at the club!

When the winters hit your town, you would need classy overcoats which not only prevent you from freezing to death, but would also give you the look which will make you look cool to females.


The most followed street style is Bandanas around your neck, tied neatly. All you need is a cherry red, cobalt blue or monochrome bandana, and you are good to go with a boyishly brilliant look for the day.

A plain white T-shirt with a cherry red bandana will add color to your attire, making it attractive. Just make sure your know is rightly done.

Angular V-neck Sweaters:

V-neck sweaters were trendy in 2016, but in 2017, these sweaters have lost the game. The regular straight v-necks are dated and obsolete. You should better head to the stores and grab angular V's for your sweaters that will make you look fresh in winters 2017.

Footwear for Brave Men:

The tendencies are trend for shoes in 2017 are for the brave and mods. Shoes are preferred to be in leather, felt or suede; the colors being limited to gray, black, green, red, brown and maroon. Some designers even make shoes with floral prints. Makes sure your soles give off heavy appearance.

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Claire Ashley is a fashion designer and blogger at !
She loves to share her professional views on latest Men's styling trends, She is a creative dynamite who believes that world should honor two things limitlessly: Ideas & Beauty! :)

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