Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 31


Now y'all know I love a minmalist theme combined with a touch of blush so these photos had just that perfect vibe to them. It just reminds me of something/someone very classy and chic. There's nothing better than a crisp white piece of clothing that just makes everything fantastic.

I'm currently in the phase of getting more "minimalist" pieces in my wardrobe so seeing these pictures got me thinking of ways I could include them into my clothing I already own. I love a great clean look, there's nothing like it. You can honestly never go wrong with an all white looks as well. You look so crisp and clean when wearing white clothing and not just clothes, but shoes and accessories as well. 

Just be careful because the only thing I don't like about wearing it is that it doesn't take long for it to get dirty. You can sit down and then get back up wearing black pants lol. Just be extremely careful that's al I can say about that.

When wearing white though one of my favorite things to pair with it would be either gold or like a blush/bronze color. It just adds that touch of classiness to the look. Your eyes are immediately drawn to that other color because it really stands out against the cleanliness of the all white clothing. Take a look at the second photo for example don't your eyes go straight to the bag! I'm obsessed with the entire look to be honest.

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