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Shirt: H & M Old Bandana: Unavailable Old Jeans: Aeropostale Shoes: Aldo  Necklace: Hot Topic

First off happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had an amazing week, if this week was a little rough for you then let's go into this weekend and next week with a positive attitude, and I hope it's better than this one.

I am so glad that it's finally Friday, for me this week seemed like it was going pretty slow. Maybe it's because I had those two days off from work I don't know. Anyway I'm just happy that the weekend is finally upon us. I plan on seeing some friends, hanging out a little and just taking a breather to be honest.

Today I wanted to be very casual and laid back, but still descent enough to be in the public eye lol. I know sometimes when we think of casual or "laid back" it can go waaayy to relaxed ya know. Simple olive green t-shirt, comfortable denim jeans and one of my favorite pair of shoes, which unfortunately I didn't get a shot of. That's okay though you all have seen them before in this post here.

Now although I love to be dressed up in a blazer & bow tie being dressed casual is definitely a favoirte of mine as well. People can define casual anyway they want to because it's how you see yourself and the outfit at the end of the day. I may think a look is casual but someone else may the it formal, you just never know. Like I always said that's what I love about fashion, there are no rules...

Well sorta.. Lol but weren't rules meant to be broken?

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  1. Waow! Your style is amazing!
    You have a pretty good tar for a man.


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